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When they bring that undead to Cersei, Sir Gregor will try to fuck it.


Bets on Cersei trying to make an alliance with the Night King??


Fan theory potential spoiler:

You mean Bran Stark? :slight_smile:


So believe this is true


It’s the only theory that works for him really, isn’t it?

It would also be totally cool.


How does that theory go? Haven’t really heard it in detail before

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Sorry @Cristo if I put a link to the theory in spoilers it shows up.

Just type it into google, easy enough to find.


Can’t visit this thread mate. I’ve yet to start this season!! Answering this quote is me risking so many spoilers haha. You’re on your own here!! :smiley:




I thought the dead stood around Jon and Co. Because they thought the ‘moat’ around them was still a moat, and not frozen (although them waiting for a time again, allowed it to freeze over again) until heavy handed Hound screwed his second throw, hence them cottening on to this. Proceeding to the fight scene?


he got the episode title wrong though


Really? I didn’t even notice a moat??? Even if true it’s a bit weird, you’d think the undead who come from the winter, would recognise ice. Perhaps they thought it would break beneath their feet, but I’d still expect them to be a better judge of their own environment.

Personally I assumed they had been commanded to wait, but of course that can’t be true because that skeleton marched forward on his own initiative. Maybe he broke rank lol.


One thing that I would have liked more time for is the interaction between characters who have never met before, that to me is as much a payoff as some of these fantastic action sequences and I hope some time is given over next year to that. For example I’d love to see Arya and Dany in the same scene.


[spoiler] That’s true. The problem i identified though wasn’t that they waited in circle for so long but that 7 men held them off for so long once they attacked them. Its pretty unrealistic that virtually at any point in time each of our heroes is fighting only one undead, two tops. I mean there are thousands around, the rest just moo in the background while I watch a 60 second and fight scene between one human and one undead.

Regarding Cersei’s support, I think their plan is to request a truce so that she doesn’t occupy Dragonstone or reinforce while they fight the undead. You can’t really go on war in midst of winter against such strong enemy and leave Cersei be then come back for her significantly weakened from fighting the undead. Obviously you either have to fight her beforehand which also weakens you or you have her join your cause. [/spoiler]


Didn’t you see the ice break and plenty of undead go down in the water as they surrounded Snow and Co ? That’s the reason they stopped. Then obviously a lot of time passed and the ice layer grew tick and strong which they realized once that soldier marched forward.


The only way to justify that stuff is NK doesn’t want to kill anyone or at least doesn’t want to kill Jon, he was just toying with them to get his dragon. They showed him throwing spears into flying dragons ffs, he could have done the same into Jon’s (or anyone’s) face while he was standing still. He and his generals made absolutely no attempt to kill anyone except that one that Jon ambushed. It’s also a bit of a nonsense that they all can’t swim since some are basically still humans and the white walkers are clearly as able bodied as any man. So I’m hoping the NK isn’t 100% evil, just misunderstood, like Mance Rayder who was supposedly the enemy of civilisation. After all, if you look at what the NK has actually done, is it any worse than what Tywin, Cersei etc. have done for power? Or even Dany? Building an army to take over, massacring opposing armies in the meantime? And they’re doing something with those swirly symbols, maybe something religious? We’ve already seen religious people burn children and make sacrifices, so maybe they’re no more evil than evil humans? I wish they’d revealed more backstory this season :frowning: I don’t like the convenient idea that it’s just this zombie horde with no purpose other than to kill people.


Every theory I read about the others is that they definitely aren’t 100% evil. It’s very well known GRRM hates the traditional Good v Evil narrative.


I don’t know if it is different in the books, or I’m biased, but I don’t see how evil and the Starks go together.


Everyone was doing it. I just wanted to be popular.


Oh great, @Dr_Strangepass is back and being a cunt again :yum:

Edit: just to be clear, I’m only kidding, I’ve got hundreds of criticisms if this season but am trying to just go with the flow