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I still don’t see how they’re going to wrap it all up in the next season, there’s still way too much left.


Well if this season finale is 2 hours long and they’ve got 6 one hour+ episodes next season, that gives us about 9-10 hours which probably isn’t unrealistic considering the ridiculous pace they’ve been going at this season.


This is true, as each character seems to have a personal time warp machine lately.

What torrent sites are you guys using? I can’t seem to find one that isn’t blocked by my ISP :man_facepalming:


Well that was one hell of a ride. Site I use is but you have to be invited to it. File quality was decent but not perfect. Certainly watchable. I will probably watch the episode again on Monday :slight_smile:


Same! Still reeling from a few of these episodes in all honesty and I think I’ll benefit from a second viewing for any misplaced comments or hidden meanings.

I’d normally criticise a show for such pacing as we’ve seen this season but it’s really helped by the amount of information and progression they cram in with each week. I can forgive them in this respect as GoT in the past has suffered from some slow burning plot lines.


Every scene feels like it’s done purely for dramatic effect. Like every single scene. It doesn’t feel real.

Still unbelievable TV the leaked episode was insane.


The finale is 80mins max. Next season will also have one less episode.

They are really skimming with the minutes. This season is already 120 mins shorter than the last. This season has been very rushed in places.


You can type pirate bay or kick ass proxies into Google and go on them

Yeah I don’t get why they rush it when shit is happening but dragged season 5 for example out for 10 episodes when surely everything could have been done there for 7 or 8.


So I caved in and watched the leaked version. Spoiler below:

Well I thought it was utter crap lol.

The chemistry between Danny and Jon, surprisingly good. The Ice Dragon obviously awesome.

But the way the writers make stupid things happen purely to reach one of GRRM’s dots is really pissing me off.

Arya - street smart, wily, trained in Bravos to read deceptions and lies, is somehow so fucking dumb that she cannot even read her own sister, or LF for that matter on something as simple as - ‘is my sister a traitor’. Why is she so dumb? There is no reason at all except to facilitate a Sansa take over of Winterfell. It’s the writers desperately trying to get somewhere with no idea how to make it happen logically.

Sansa - after learning from LF in the Vale for a year or so, she absurdly sends away Brienne, the only person who properly cares for her, because? Because Brienne needs to be in Kings Landing to advance Jaimie’s story arch. These writers are truly hopeless.

White Walkers - why do they stand menacingly around Jon and co for a day and a half doing nothing? Oh yes, it’s because the script needs time for Danny and dragons to come rescue them. Why not have them bring a raven in case of emergencies or even have Bran see the trouble they are in in a vision and warg someone to warn Danny. No. Instead they send Gendry whose never been north of the wall before and hasn’t even seen snow before to make a perilous journey back to Eastwatch. It’s horseshit isn’t it lol.

Benjen - why even bother! What was the point of Jon getting separated except to tie up the loose end of Benjen in the most stupid, pointless way possible. I mean seriously, what was Benjen doing all this time beyond the wall. God knows. nothing. Just there so save the day from time to time.

I love GOT, and get enjoyment from watching it, but just like the Walking Dead it’s truly hampered by hack writers.


You’re a pretty intelligent guy, you know that right?


Quite honestly the strategy against Cersie makes no sense.
Lannisters are isolated with hardly any support, so much so they will need mercenaries to come to their rescue. Euron is a sea guy. Avoid him, stay on land whats he gonna do :joy:

Just march up to King’s landing and sack it.

Trying to convince Cersie with a wight at the expense of king/dragon is unnecessary. Why do you need Cersie’s help when whole of north is with you, Widlings, Dothrakis and Unsullied are with you?
Cersie doesn’t even have Obsidion/Dragonstone. Fuck her.

This whole thing would have made sense if Dragonstone was in King’s Landing.


Why didn’t they take a prisoner up to the wall and kill him so he turns back? Wouldn’t that have been a lot safer for all kingdoms concerned?


Exactly my thought. Unless they wanted a rotten one. Just don’t burn a dead person & you get yourself a wight.


Consider that they need the Lannister forces to help defend against the walkers.


Thanks @Dr_Strangepass I thought it was just me.

I thought everything before the fighting was really great and it got my hopes up. Jon and Jorah, Jon and Beric, that felt like the kind of interactions we’d get in early seasons and it was reasonable logic that Jon’s character would want to give the sword back and Jorah’s character wouldn’t want it and nice appreciation of Ned’s character too. Gendry and brotherhood was nice too and Tormund and Hound obviously great as expected.

Jon coming up where he went in in freezing water and benjen coming was the icing on the cake for dogshit though.

They had an amazing opportunity to either kill Jon, have him captured by the night king and see how the other half live (and maybe even sympathise with whatever their cause is like with the wildlings) or have him turned into one of them. Any of those scenarios would have blown me away. And it would have made the political scene in Winterfell (that they suddenly seem so keen on pushing) wide open. But no, surprise surprise he gets away and is fine.

They even had the cheek to put in the same “I can’t breathe” panic attack when Jon is losing and gets saved by Dany like when he got saved by Littlefinger in the last season. It just takes away any suspense because you know the save is coming.

For me they’ve set some BAD precedents this season.

Firstly the dragons are pointless as they’ve made it clear she only needs one to conquer westeros and we’ve barely seen the other two so she doesn’t need them all, so her losing one means little and she hasn’t interacted with the other two in ages, certainly not this season. They could have had a bonding session with her and all 3 at some stage to make you care that she’d lost one of her babies.

Secondly, the unstoppable army of the dead really doesn’t seem all that intimidating anymore. A team of 10 guys held their own against the entire fucking thing, so what happens when you put Dothraki, unsullied, vale knights and the rest of them against it? With dragonglass etc.? Jon made easy work of one of the leaders and there doesn’t seem that many of them.

I guess a night king dragon changes everything and gives him the upper hand now if he has the capacity to burn hundreds of men at a time and convert them to his side mid-fight. I just really hope they don’t go full cartoon and make it breathe ice.


I thought they made it pretty clear that there’s basically no Lannister forces? Cersei’s talking about buying an army from overseas, do they need to recruit her, to get her gold, to buy an army, to help them? When Dany had control of that gold anyway?

If they need anything it’ll be Euron’s boats to get all their armies to Eastwatch. That would make him sinking all hers be for good reason, so I hope that happens.


Yeah sorry you are quite right. By Lannister forces i meant everyone aligned with them too.


I dont even think one bringing an undead to Cercei will even convince her. She’ll just get her guard to crush its skull and be like well that was easy.


@Craigie , it will definitely breath ice wind otherwise it would have no strategic value.

That isn’t so much the problem, the problem is the other point you have identified, which is they are exactly like any other zombie host - utterly pussy and easy to kill, and the only way to amplify their strength is to just invent more of them. In fact they are so lame that as soon as you kill one of their leaders they all shatter. The only way out of this mess, at least in the show, is for Jon to eventually kill the Night King and somehow take his place as their leader. But even if this happens in the show it wont be until right at the end, so I doubt it would even carry any drama.


[spoiler]Night king got himself one of these