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[spoiler]I always felt like Daeny would lose a Dragon at some point. 3 seemed too OP. I’d heard of there also being an Ice Dragon or a Dragon frozen in the Wall. What an amazing scene though, the Night King is savage. Their army gains a MASSIVE advantage, given how unpredictable their power is, I really don’t know how things go from here? the dead seem to have some intelligence or are being controlled in such a way by the leaders.

Anyone seriously think Cersei will even back Jon/Daeny after seeing the dead dude they smuggled back? I feel like the moment she gives them her word, she’ll stab them all in the back somehow. She wants to win/maintain power any way possible, dirty tactics in full swing.

Edit: I think the next season is 7 episodes too.[/spoiler]


So i have to endure just one more year of everyone and their mom talking aabout dragons? I guess that’s good news.


Interesting theory, even if the guy sounds like a drip.


There are better 1080p torrents available now. Just been posted up in last couple hours. I compared a couple, found one which is almost like a Monday showing. Going to watch now fcuk it not waiting.


Haven’t read the above in case of spoilers, could someone give me a link to stream please?


[Spoiler] Ahhh man what an episode. Kind of expected the outcome of the dragon. I assumed it was common knowledge the Walkers would get hold of a dragon. Im sure Sky Atlantic showed an army of the dead witn a dragon flying over it in their season 7 trailer!

And Benj … just lol. Such a comvenient turn up from him. Its like Jon Snow is destined to never die no matter the odds. The guy was finished like twice in this episode.

The power the walkers will have with the dragon is unpredictable now. Fuckk I have no idea what happens from here. Next stop for the undead, the Nights Watch.



You’re better off downloading it rather than streaming it matey


I got impatient and downloaded it. Episode was lit! But now I ain’t got shit to do for a couple weeks til the finale smh


Finally will leak too don’t worry!


Calling it now:

Reformed Jaime kills Cersei in a fit of jealousy / heart break, fulfilling the prophecy. He, being a reasonable guy, listens to Jon / Dany’s (new hot couple on the Sept) pleas and in his final act kills the Ice Dragon with some sort of Dragonstone Ballista missile thing, as demonstrated by Qyburn not so long ago.

Bare man points if that’s tr00.


Isn’t it 8 episodes this season and 7 next?

I wanted to go the whole season without watching it so I could binge them all like I did for 5 and 6, but with all the leaks and cunts on the Internet I caved and binged ep1-4 yesterday and watched ep5-6 tonight.

Fuck me what a fucking whirlwind. Shit was nuts, absolutely incredible. I think this season has been the best yet and I’m.not even bitter about the show spoiling the books anymore because this shit is just fucking amazing. Hot damn.

My lord it’s been good.

It’s really funny because I called the Gendry situation years ago, even before the show came out. I was like, we’re not done with him yet. I feel fucking vindicated :joy: :joy: Just weird how he ended up going beyond the wall, I wonder if that’s how it would be in the book too .


I hope so. I’m gonna grow impatient waiting for the next one.


Fuck me, this show must last longer, i couldn’t resist, so i downloaded a pretty watchable version, sound was a bit meh though, still no regrets, ep 6 is fiiiire.


Arya being an unreasonable bitch. Loved how she backtracked when Sansa asked her why she didn’t come to rescue Ned


@Cristo it’s 7 this season, not sure what they’ve agreed to with next season though. Episodes 6-7 are meant to be extended versions however.

Have you got any hope that Martin actually releases these darned books?! I know you started reading the series way before the tv series kicked off, it must be frustrating seeing the show surpass the actual books!


Last season is 6 episodes.


This season is 120mins shorter than season 6


I started reading the books back in 2001 lol

I’ve come to terms with it now but it’s not been easy haha


I honestly don’t think the shows are spoiling much in terms of the books. You’ll find out the broad direction, but otherwise the books will be totally different. At least you’ll get to see how things happen in a logical way, with characters acting consistently.


Yeah true, that’s a very good point.

I’m loving this season so much, but there’s a shit ton of teleportation, missed character development and other things that show they’re obviously rushing it a bit to squeeze it all in.