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Had E06 spoiled for me, so I caved and downloaded. My advice is not wait till Sunday/Monday, watch it asap.

cba to avoid social media


Nah was on holiday away from tv for the first 4 eps


Get your fucking priorities straight. Missing GoT smh.


Dang. I don’t envy anyone getting into GoT at this point and not expect to get half the story spoiled for them. Nevermind the present week to week paranoia I suffer with this season!

My bro just had some shithawk spoil it for him on WoW :facepalm: LOL.


Some memes kinda spoiled things a wee bit, like Qyburn’s crossbow getting fucked and some people at my hostel started watching it so I knew Jon Snow and Daenerys would meet. But I managed to avoid major spoilers quite well I think.

I’m all caught up now and about to watch ep 6.


Not watched the leak or seen any spoilers yet, but feeling the need to as cant avoid till Monday.

My guess is Jon Snow and his boys find themselves in a heap of shit. Drogon senses he is in danger and comes to the rescue. Ends up sacrificing himself so Jon can escape, gets downed by the Walkers and eventually turned into an ice dragon.

Regarding Cercei, reckon the baby is either Euron’s or there is no baby at all and is using it to keep Jamie close. Either way I can see Jamie killing Cercei in the end.


I’ve watched enough Eastenders to know this is definitely what happens.


Honestly, I’m bricking it. Im desperate for an ice dragon, can’t help but feel there’s only one way to attain one.

#prayfordrogon ? seriously though I don’t want any more death.

edit wtf


I cant see any other way than that tbh. Would make sense after the love Drogon showed Jon Snow in the last ep.


Have you watched the leaked version? If so please no throw away comments mate, no one wants a spoiler no matter how vague it might be. I’m not sure if what you said was a spoiler, but it’s hard to tell.


Im sure we came to a concensus that no spoilers are to be revealed until each episode airs (usually 9pm in UK every Monday)

Unless in spoiler tags of course


1h 6m of awesomeness. That’s all I have to say!


Not spoiled but in before the cunts. Downloading as we speak.

As you were.


So can I talk about the leaked one here, but only in spoiler tags Yeah? Or not at all

If So, leak spoilers:

I know some people might be raging about the random appearance of Benjen lol but holy shit that was crazy and Amazing. Rip Viserion.


Spoiler with spoiler tags alert.

[spoiler] I love Tormund, he is definitely one of my favourite characters of the show, along with the hound. I thought he was a serious gonna at one point and was stood up off the sofa cunting at HBO for killing him off, as it looked like it was definitely going that way. He had me in stitches with the conversation about Brienne walking up that hill with the Hound.

The whole dragon taken down with the spear and being turned into some sort of white was predictable the minute you saw all three of them jump from the cliff and fly away [/spoiler]


[Spoiler]Yeah true. Agree about tormund and his banter with my boy the hound was great. I really thought he was dead as well for sure

Edit also lol Midfield Maestro called it from the start[/spoiler]


ha! :smile: Im watching it tonight actually, got a Chinese on the way and between here and my mate texting me going ‘IT’S A 9.9 IT’S A 9.9’ I think im shooting myself in the foot if I dont.

What have you made of it? Been enjoying your other reviews tbh

edit: how the fuck do you spoiler tag?


Delete the 1 or press the blur spoiler option in the tools.


Is this the final season and it’s all over after the 7th episode?


Another season aparently, I’ve litrelly just discovered it’s only 7 eps as opposed to 10 this season and feel completely robbed :neutral_face: