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Him and Melisandre had a conversation on a rock by the sea in one of the episodes when Jon arrived and she didn’t want to meet him. He told her not to come back, and she told him she had to come back. She had to die, along with him, in Dragonstone. Or something along those lines.


I really don’t understand how anyone can miss what Gilly said, it was blatantly obvious. But then maybe only the GoT nerds might pick up on it (I’m a bit of a GoT nerd) but I felt as though during that scenes it was so set up that you just knew something of that significance was coming from her reading those old scrolls.

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I think the “why is xyz alive” question could be what the author told the writers. My understanding is he gave them a broad overview of the ending but without joining the dots.

So if he said “Varys pushes Dany off a cliff after she roasts Jon and she goes splat and Littlefinger reveals himself to be the true prince and wins the throne” then those characters are alive for maybe that one moment in the ending so I think from here it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen.

When they had source material they copied it very closely so I doubt they’ll deviate from the authors ending if they have it.

They were quick to dispatch anyone from Highgarden, Dorne, Stannis once they ran out of ideas. I doubt we’ll see the maesters again now either.

So I’m hoping that Littefinger, Varys etc. are here to do something before they die rather than just go down for the sake of it.


Book spoiler:

[spoiler]Wish Varys’ book plot was maintained - the death of Kevan Lannister in DoD was one of my favourite twists in the whole series!

My view is that they should have ditched the Dorne story entirely, bar Oberyn in Kings Landing, for more of that arc. Dorne should’ve remained a foreign land that was referred to in passing. Their attempts to include it were half-arsed and pointless after axing Arianne Martell.[/spoiler]


I think you might be disappointed. I don’t think there is enough time allowance left in the show to adequately fulfil everyone’s arch. Vary’s, as I already mentioned above, is occupying a redundant story-line for him, so he’s probably just hanging around for whatever death there is in store for him. And as for Littlefinger, he may have some small twist left in him - perhaps a marriage to Sansa, but if that’s the case that would easily take his story into midway point of the final season, and that would waste whatever there is for Sansa to do. I think Arya being given the knife basically signals his end. She’ll probably kill him and wear his face or something to control the Vale. I just don’t see any major plan in the works for him, last 4-5 eps he’s just been re-acting to everything, rather than controlling events. That doesn’t bode well for him either.


Just caught up.

It has become lit again. Proper return to form, thing are actually HAPPENING again thank god.

That dragon scene in ep 4…:cech: :giroud3:


What will be the North’s reaction when they find out that their king is not a Stark?


He is tho :stuck_out_tongue:.


I think if Bran refuses to be lord/king then Jon is actually the rightful lord now.

And Jon wasn’t really king by blood anyway, it was some crappy election for some reason.

I hope Jon being dead at least means he’s infertile.


You are worse than GRRM.

But he is primarily a Targaraen. North can no longer say House Stark is leading them.


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I just tried to watch it but the quality wasn’t great. Sound also out of sync.


Is it the .flv file ? I just downloaded it from iptorrents the comments say quality and sound is good.


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1080p torrent are out.

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Just briefly tried it on Plex from work and quality looks great. Will watch it from home tonight though.

It’s the 1080p file from iptorrents


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