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I don’t believe Arya would fall for the schemes of Littlefinger. That’s so contradictory with the elite assassin she is supposed to be.


Contains some vague spoilers about episode 5

I’m getting a bit annoyed by the stupidity of supposedly talented characters.

I know that Jaime has just experienced a crushing defeat, but why is he so convinced that Team Daenarys is invincible? King’s Landing controls the seas and the ports and have the backing of the Iron Bank so they are just fine for food supplies. They could hold up for years without any trouble. The Dothraki are basically just light cavalry, which is fine against infantry, but not exactly equipped to siege a castle. Her Unsullied have been partly destroyed. She isn’t able to storm Kings Landing unless she deploys her three dragons. But surely that’s not so hard to fend off. Build shit loads of those ballista’s and have them placed on the battlements of your castles and in strategic ground positions with teams to operate them, longbow-men to aim at the dragon riders, hot tar can be flung at them, there is lots they could do. Meanwhile use your gold to buy assassins and try and take out the Queen. Hence, Jamie, one of the supposedly most astute soldiers in the show, is actually pretty dumb, and even favoured surrender.

Also that shield wall they built to defend against the Dothraki was rubbish lol. Why did they position spearmen in the rear?

@SDGooner - if Arya has any skill then she already knows Littlefinger is playing her, and is letting him lead her on, but I don’t give the show that much credit, so yeah, he’s probably duped her, which isn’t surprising considering how obvious her spying was - leaning in plain view against a wooden post lol.

And that plan to go north of the wall to catch a walker - FACE PALM. Jon Snow takes the prize for being a total bellend once again.


Cercsei will probably decide fighting the Dead with Danaerys but take advantage of it somehow and do a 180 after or whatever. Somehow she’ll find a way to weaken Danaerys in the process, fighting her “like her father would”.

On a side note, why is Varys still in the show? He has nothing to offer, no schemes or plots and no power to control anyone else then Tyrion.


why can’t they just fly the 3 dragons up and fry all he white walkers?


The Ride Out Squad :fire:


Yep. I think the reason is because in the books he isn’t even a Daenarys supporter, his plotline goes somewhere else completely, and its a redundant story in the show. I guess they simply had nowhere else to put him, and he’s quite hard to kill off being he’s always away from the action. He must be top of the ‘to die’ list though, along with Jorah. Both seem to have outlived their purpose.


I think that was the best episode of the non-book era. Story going somewhere, characters going somewhere, some predictability but nothing too ridiculous.

Well apart from the bizarre recon mission. Not quite sure how they can show us the whole army of the dead marching as one, then expect the fellowship of the living to march in and have a fight with a convenient number of them. Hopefully it’s a massacre and most of them die (seemed to be a nice amount of wildling extras along for the ride so I imagine there’ll be some death). Guessing they’ll be saved by someone/something because there’s no way they just walk in and walk out of there. It would be awesome if they were captured and we got to see things from the other side like we did when he went over to Mance.

I liked what they did with the Sansa/Arya stuff, it’s not just we’re Stark badasses don’t fuck with us. It wasn’t what I was expecting at least. Also Littlefinger seems to have something going on which I also wasn’t expecting, though I’m not sure what significance that note actually has. Everyone knew she didn’t mean it the last time it arrived, unless Arya’s just a fucking idiot which is possible.

Not sure how long they can drag out Cersei with no army. It would be ridiculously convenient if she could just buy an army on Amazon. What kind of army is going to go to a different continent to get roasted by dragons.

I was disappointed Jorah had to leave. Him, Barristan and Daario were the only ones that gave Dany any decent advice.

I do wonder what percentage of watchers will have completely glazed over Gilly’s massive reveal. I’m going to say probably 80%. I guess if Sam had a tantrum and missed it then you can forgive the rest of us.


What was the reveal, I missed it?

And what did the note say too, I couldn’t read a word of it?

The coolest thing that could happen beyond the Wall is for Jon to have some kind of connection with the walkers, being that he is, you know, dead.


The note was the note Sansa send to Robb after Robert Baratheon died. I think it was about Ned trying to steal the Throne. You can probably find the scene on youtube.

The reveal was that Rhaegar annulled his marriage and got remarried in secret. Making Jon not a bastard.


Prince Reggah had his marridge annul’d and marrid sumone else in Dorne

It was the note that Cersei made Sansa write to Robb in season 1, the “father is a traitor who tried to steal Joffrey’s crown, you need to come to KL and ben-da-knee” but when they read it I’m pretty sure the exact quote was “this is Sansa’s hand but these are the Queen’s words” so it’s of no significance at all, unless Arya is thick as shit and all like “omg u traitor gurl”.


Jeez, is that the best Littlefinger can do?

Really sad to see him go from master chess player to Dick Dastardly.


Thoughts on the pregnancy guys? Wonder if it’ll have a effect in the next season :thinking:


It will have an effect on Euron!


Cause it his? Or because he’ll be mad the Queen didn’t give him what she promised.

On the topic of Euron: Where is the the guy? What’s he doing? Will he and Greyworm have it out in E06?





Johnny fucking Targaeryan.

Agree with @Craigie that this was possibly the best episode. It was crammed with progression and reveals in all aspects of the story.

I wonder if Cold Hands aka Uncle Benje plays a part with saving Jon past the wall? Little family reunion and kicking white walker arse is it? Lush.

Not sure if you guys check the preview for next week’s episode but there looks to be a massive reveal in that tiny 30 second segment :cech:


Don’t watch the show but i saw that blacksmith fuck someone up with that big hammer. That was cool. Shit hope that’s not a spoiler.


Love the attention to details in this show. They even colored the Jon’s nail black & indicated skin peeling during the Drogon scene.

The writing may not be to usual standards but they can’t be blamed of inadequacy in visual departments.


Davos’ comment about Gendry still rowing was bullshit fan service, Game of Thrones shouldn’t be throwing such obvious nods to the fans as that, it just takes me out of the drama. His line was basically a top rated reddit comment from four years ago.

Not a fan of Gendry returning at all, even if I always liked him as a character.


Everything about Gendry is fan service though. His love of his hammer, his love of his father (what the fuck is that), his eagerness to get down to business and smash faces, “our fathers fought side by side”.

Still, judging by what they show in the preview of the next episode he’s hopefully dead, though it’d be pretty crappy to bring him back to die next episode.