Gabriel & White 🛡️


North London’s premier defense firm.

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Yeah it’s a pretty good CB pairing that compliment each other well. Hopefully they can continue to grow over the next few years.

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Best we had since Per & Kos? (Potentially better?)


Likely better if they continue like this.
Very important that the balance doesn’t break if they’re surrounded by different players.
Cedric at RB? No problem. Tavares at LB? No problem.
Leno at GK, no problem.

Much better.

Per and Kos were Wengered

Yep, thought Gabriel was excellent today. He had a bit of a patch of form where he looked a bit shaky but he was a rock today.

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White is not getting enough love for his interception at 20th min
If he didn’t stretch and lash the ball, Watkins would have scored

Meh. We just expect such things from him now.


Love the shield in the thread title. Fitting.