Gabriel Paulista


8 Weeks only, not to sounds like a prick but that is not too bad (but you watch that change to 12, then 5 months then a season) the way his leg looked folded back on itself i thought fucking hell that is a 6 month injury right there.


Wish him well on his recovery although really I’d like to see him moved on from Arsenal, I think the injury obviously limits our chance of selling him

No issue that he shouldn’t have played against Everton, pure misfortune on that one. Koscielny was the idiot.


Harsh on him and us as were both lumbered with one another now till next january at least.


Back in time for the Emirates Cup :wenger:




daily mirror tho


Coach Marcelino has admitted he is keen on Gabriel, Inter Milan’s Jeison Murillo and Porto’s Ivan Marcano. Asked how confident he is of landing one of them, he said: “I think they are possible.

“We’re talking about important players who already know our League.

"They speak Spanish, and that’s important, so their adaptation would be very quick.”


I think he’ll stay, with Wenger looking to sell Chambers instead


Chambers should be favoured because of his homegrown status and his age.

We should be very wary about the decimation of our homegrown talent within our squad. Gibbs is meant to be off, Question marks of Wilshere, Woj sold, Ramsey/Welbeck/Theo are hardly currently first names on the team sheet doubt either of them will be here in 3 years time .

We should have more quality UK players within the squad


I agree, but I think he’s the only one we have of any value.


With Kolasinac capable of playing well in a 3-man defence, i think he can go.


Just when you thought Valencia’s pains were over.


just accept whatever Valencia offer for him, get this clown as far away from our team as possible



Looks like they decided on Murillo :confused:


Gabriel probably was the third choice. Same price, two years old than the colombian, 20k of wage difference.


Medical tomorrow

Good luck at Valencia Gab!



What’s special about the vid?


They had some of the letters in his name ‘ready’ to put on the shirt. Not the best video tbh, hate the way clubs are using these videos to confirm signings :confused: