Gabriel Paulista


Gabriel Paulista vs. Man City:

77% pass acc.
2 aerial duels won
1 dribble
3 tackles
3 interceptions
6 clearances
Dribbled past 0 times

Great game :sunglasses:


Absolute wall today. Relished the dog fight like a bloke straight out the favelas.


I’m sure the Brazilians will thank you for that lazy stereotyping


Awesome game from him.

Maybe this is the system we’ve needed to get the most out of him?


I’m struggling to comprehend how good he was today. Maybe his performance just stood out more as the anticipated weak link that never was.

Has the criticism he (and others) must be aware of Finally stung him into action? Can’t totally be down to the formation change.


Less responsibility in a back 5 helped him concentrate on what he’s good at and calmed his nerves I’d imagine. Good game from him.


Another performance like that against Chelsea will go a long ways towards lifting the cup.


As I’ve said before he’s bust status.

He’s just not a very good defender, no composure, poor anticipation and is not comfortable with the ball.

Why buy a defender that isn’t good at defending let alone all the other things that are required at a top club? The mind boggles and he really should be put out of his misery, isn’t not suited for a top team whatsoever.

Why the fuck is he playing over Holding? Who is undoubtedly the better defender?


Yeah I can’t work that one out either, Holding has been severely under played this year.


I thought they bought him because of metrics or some shit


Wenger expected to lose so didnt want to dent his confidence…


Another gem to thank Kronke for eh?


Plus he was available during the winter transfer window. He was bought in the year Koscielny struggled with injuries, which were well known in the summer transfer window before. I think it was primarily just a poor gamble which forced us into buying him, similar to El Neny who was also bought due to a lack of alternatives. Not saying that metrics didn’t play its role but that he was hardly going to be at the very top of the list of candidates.


Maybe his worst game in an Arsenal shirt right after his supposedly best game against Manchester City


Surely that was his twin brother that played in the City game lol. How can he go from that to this in a week?!


This guy is so inconsistent, one minute Baresi the next next Stepanovs.


Same with 3/4 of the team, one match they play really well and you think certain players have finally turned the corner then the next match they are fucking garbage again.



No surprise