Gabriel Paulista


Should try to sell him in January honestly.


I’d much rather see Holding get any possible minutes it must be said.

Was my worry that he’d be confined to the training pitch.


Jenkinson’s the only one getting sold, if this guy is preferred to him at right back.


Sadly, I feel when he’s selected in the team, that we’re bound to concede a goal from his own doing, which is a shocking trait to have as a CB. He did well as a bit-part RB yesterday, in fact, he put in some quality tackles too but his overall composure is what let’s him down.

I would much rather persist with Holding/Chambers as backups to Kostafi.


I concur I want to see Holding developed , Gabriel scares me ,he looks like a Vampire !


Seemed solid. Sooner farm him off for an inflated fee. Think he would be a hero at a mid club.


What surprises me about him is his poor ability on the ball. I always assumed that coming from Spain (and a team as well regarded as Villarreal) he’d have some semblance of how to play with the ball at his feet.


Jenkinson should have never been brought back.



What is it?


Gabriel’s birthday.


Yesterday he has played a good game when he tried to be a ball-winner, but his feet are totally useless in a squad who loves to play a type of football like Arsenal, City.


I agree which is why I have no idea why we signed him


Yeah he definitely seems an odd one… probably need to keep him just for depth, but I imagine Chambers comes back next summer and we sell him on. Mustafi is a better defender and has far superior feet and passing.

AW does have an odd way of cobbling multiple players who are decent-ish instead of just going for the one WC.


Probably because before to sign Mustafi, we had not any rude defender in the squad capable to play with a minimal style. Unfortunately his limits about the technique and the concentration are too big.


Anyone seen this from Gabriel? :cry:


So touching. He looked really lost :frowning:


Hard not to get emotional when you see one of your own like that.


Gosh, That’s touching.


Oh man :sob::sob: Feel so bad for Gabriel. Showed unbelievable strength of character to play last night.