Gabriel Paulista


That’s just bargaining at this point. Imagine saying he’s out for 6 months and going to Valencia and ask for Mustafi’s price…


I suspected an ACL tear. You saw the medics manipulating the knee when he was down, and that was when he started crying.



Good news, if true.


Out for 3 weeks Yea, the first week in October , the last week in December,and the second one in April 2017 !
Im sure their saying this so as not to get held to ransom but I think that ship allready sailed !


Conspiracy theorist’s hat on

Just in time for the window to close. When he can have a “totally unexpected setback” :wenger:

Good news though seriously.


What that means is see you in March Gabriel


The real timeline of his injury will likely be known when the transfer window closes.


Fingers crossed. It would be a great news.


I didn’t watch the game but I’m confused as to why our most senior fit centre back was on the pitch in the 92nd minute


Because beating Man City in a pre-season friendly is like a trophy.


Hope you get well soon, Gab


The “news” that his injury isn’t that bad could well be a calculated move to make us appear less desperate to selling clubs. My tin foil hat isn’t working too well at the moment.


Probably way too early to judge here, however with the Mustafi signing, Rob impressing early on, Chambers going on loan and possibly getting lots of minutes, I seem to think Paul might fall to the wayside.

Kosh is a starter when fit, and with the poultry sum we spent on Mustafi, I’d presume Wenger is looking at him to start too. I just feel in his absence, with the amount of games between now and then, both Mustafi and Holding would have bedded in.


poultry sum we spent on Mustafi,

Yea ,chicken feed !


If he’s really back quite soon, then can we afford to loan out Holding?

Do you need 4 dedicated centre backs, or just 3 + a guy who is comfortable enough there like Monreal


A option to recall would be nice, but getting such a deal isn’t easy.


IMO Holding is better right now. I’d rather chance Holding becoming the new Tony Adams than send him out on loan to let Gabriel back in the team.


We can give Gabriel enough time to get a full recovery and no need to rush him back.


Poor bloke hasn’t been mentioned in months! But he came off the bench for the injuried Debuchy. Thought he had a very solid performance. Can’t be easy knowing he’s dropped down the pecking order and not getting much game time. Wonder if he’ll start against Southampton?