Gabriel Paulista


best news all transfer window


On the BBC Keown called Gabriel “outstanding” and “pound for pound Arsenal’s best defender” :rofl:

The 4-0 drubbing really got to some people!


I saw that and thought he must have had more than a tipple before the show.




Yeah… gabby best defender at club??? Ummm it is a mess but lol


Fuck does he mean by pound for pound in this situation? Transfer fee?


No in weight duh, Everyone knows that Keown doesn’t do metric.


What on earth does pound for pound actually mean in football?


It probably has some relevant meaning in boxing but for everything else it’s just a total blah blah nothing statement that people drop in because they think it sounds cool.


Guessing you could argue he was the best physically…?

When he arrived he was an instant favourite because of his get stuck in and don’t give a fuck style. Well for the first 5 games or so where it wasn’t clear that he was a fucking liability.

But still, Keown criticising Wenger is a big deal :cech:


Keown is usually Wengers biggest apologist but seemed to have lost his love last night.


He doing well back in Spain then? Great for him!


Happy for him. No doubt la liga suits his style better.


I sincerely believe he could have done a better job than Chambers and Holding as a defender with better coaching. At least as a squad player. That we have criticized every defender but Koscielny is no coincedence. But I’ve said that before.


He was the wrong defender for Arsenal. I think he could have done well in other PL teams. Hell I’m sure he’d have been fine at Spurs for example under a more robust tactcal system


“Sometimes I played because my team-mates were injured. I’d go home sad, given that I was only playing because my team-mate was injured. I don’t think I deserved that.”

"I’d play three or four games and if Arsenal lost, I’d be dropped and everyone on the outside would say, “It’s Gabriel’s fault.”


So basically, he describes himself as:

a.) a squad player
b.) inconsistent

Excellent self-reflection. :clap: :gabriel:


Gabriel was right, he deserved better…

Anyway, I believe there were more quality players that deserved better also… Gabriel was not the only one


Yeah I always liked Gabriel and he was nowhere near as bad as our fans made him out to be, scapegoating him most of the time. Glad he’s doing well where he landed.


Such a poor attitude ‘I’m sad I’m only playing because a player’s injured’ should have been ‘I’m happy I have an opportunity to prove myself’.

Anyway constantly passing to opposition and making rash challenges alongside gift wrapping that Chelsea game to them Stupid player, he was physically talented enough but his decision making was poor.