Gabriel Paulista


Good luck Gab and thanks for the memories!


Ahh didn’t realise it was a player reveal video lol


He was shit from day 1. Glad to see the back of him.


Yeah Gabriel was a very poor signing, anyone know what sort of fee we are reported to receive for him ?


£10m figure is floating around.




Valencia have the worst fans in the world if any of them are buying a Gabriel shirt.


Im willing to bet the video shirt will be the only one printed. They probably didnt even finish the name


It says a lot about his quality when we lose £5m selling him in a hyper inflated market.


Well that and the fact the club have some piss poor negotiators.



He never really recovered from not knowing what the fuck people were saying to him.


Yup, not sure he ever learned English. We need to sell and can definitely move on at least one centre back, he’s the right choice. Will probably do great st Valencia tho, good luck.


Recovered? Never even got going


He was one of our best players in the FA Cup semi-final v Man City. But unfortunately his good performances were few and far between and he always looked like a walking red card. The English thing was also obviously a big deal – you need to be able to communicate with your team mates. I remember reading that he was having regular lessons but in three seasons there has been no improvement! Who was his teacher? Harry Kane?!


I blame Costa for this.


He was another panic buy from Wenger that didn’t really work out.
He wasn’t as bad as some people have said but was no where near the quality we should have bought when we were so desperate for a top CB.

It says something about our transfer windows, that we spend nearly as much time celebrating getting rid of an under whelming player as we do talking about buying top quality ones.

Perhaps Wenger will surprise us all and fill the space in the squad vacated by Gabriel, with Virgil Van Dijk.

Who am I kidding?
We have more chance of getting Dick Van Dyke.


I like the guy, and don’t think he’s as bad as everyone likes to make out. Hope he does well wherever he goes.


Cut from the Players section before the transfer even goes through, brutal stuff


My only issue with him was why didn’t he properly kick deago costa instead of that shitty little flick!