Gabriel Martinelli

Apparently, have bid for him and sources claim he could be coming here

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I can’t wait to send this guy on loan for seven seasons straight!


negativity is not a good look on you :mkhi:

Visa problems incoming before going on loan for 7 seasons straight as @shamrockgooner said.

different people working on transfers that know what the fuck they are actually doing for a change. Only us as a club couldnt do these deals it seems other clubs could manage to without much of a problem…not a given he is coming anyway.

I’m sure Wellington Silva still plays for us in some sort of fucked up way :sob::sob:


I’m not sure signing youth players, like this kid, has ever been a problem for this club tbh.

reports saying we have an agreement with him to come, apparently have beaten over 20 clubs for his signature. Wonder if Raul knows the tricks to get these guys work permits etc for over here because the last regime were fucking clueless.

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Just can’t get excited about young Brazilians at Arsenal anymore.

Thanks a lot Wellington, Denilson :santi:


Gilbert Silva aside, our record with Brazilians is terrible

Andre Santos, Julio Baptista, Gabriel Paulista, Wellington Silva, Denilson, Eduardo, Juan Maldonado.

sold too early?

Don’t even remember Maldonado. When was he?

2001, From Sao Paulo. Trash :joy::joy:

This means nothing tbh. All his minutes so far has been in the State League he has yet to made his professional debut. Way to early to ask if he can make it in the Premier League. Arsenal are basically signing a youth player.

Edu! :grinning:


he was fucking awesome until some knobjocky wrecked him.

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I just said our record was terrible, Eduardo was unfortunate.

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Reports suggest that Gabriel Martinelli started to follow Arsenal on Instagram which can only mean he is about to sign for us…turns 18 on June 18th.

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I think the only way i’d recognise the guy in the street is if he came up to me and introduced himself!