Gabriel Martinelli (35)

I’d accept a £40m offer. Good money we can use.

Problem is we never use money well the amount of duds we have bought is unreal !!

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Fucking prick, play Martinelli.

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Martinelli must of shagged Arteta’s wife or something

Why are we wasting gametime on Willian anyway?

I assume so he can take corners?

No love for a goal scorer tonight??

Happy he managed a goal with his start tonight, wince every time he gets fouled or goes in for a challenge though.

Can add a different dimension in the EL tie.


Great to see him back on the pitch and getting a well deserved goal . Hope he can keep fit and injury free .


This lad can win Thursday evenings game for us , providing he is fit and plays .
Huge potential with pace .

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He didn’t finish his chances and took one away from Ceballos that he should of left for him early in the game but I was impressed with his overall performance. Got into goal scoring positions and made things happen. Unlucky not to assist Pepe in the 2nd half. He’s gonna gonna be a problem for a lot of defences for years to come IMO


I agree. He has proven to be a good enough finisher in other moments, if he keeps getting into these positions and getting these chances the goals will come.


fake account :rofl: