Gabriel Martinelli (35)

I think we overlook it’s potential on our season. Sets him back a long way in his progress.


It keeps me awake at night brother.

Martinelli has the potential to lift us out of the doldrums and be the star of our team. 2021 is a big year for us and him.


No not at all. Think this surgery was done as a precaution to stop it flaring up later in his career. He should come back fully fit.


These types of injuries early on are always a worry but he could benefit out of it.
He seems like a hard working boy so I hope he used this time to learn stuff about his game and how to keep himself in better shape.
Teta seems like big fan of handing out homework to his players so it’ll be interesting to see if Gabi will benefit from it.

Not even joking, 100% agree
Long ball over the top when they have one defender back vs dribbling the length of the pitch past a number of players and scoring :joy:


He’ll be back by the end of the year right? Arsenal insta just posted this anyway


Not really. Arteta benched him before his injury and will probably bench him for a while after too.

Will have plenty of time to recover.