Gabriel Martinelli (11)

Think Smith Rowe will come in against Tottenham. More of a goal threat and keeps the ball better.


Nahh. I would love to see more of ESR on the pitch and he was one of our best players in the home game against them at the start of the season… But obviously Arteta prefers Martinelli atm and I’d be very surprised to see ESR in the starting line up.

Was a tidy performance but you can’t keep having games where you play well and don’t score and expect to start consistently

As a forward production is the name of the game, hopefully he can take that next step, we’ve seen flashes but will need more than that to hold down his place long term


Yeah I like him. But but after this game he is now on a 10 game goal drought. Which is not good enough


Far better option. Martinelli better for impact from the bench.
We simply link better between him and Odegaard with link up play.


Martinelli keeps the fallbacks occupied more than ESR does and that is so valuable going to Thursday

Yep, his pace will cause Conte some headaches considering they have to attack from the start and go for the 3 points.

He also presses relentlessly, that gives him the edge for that game

Martinelli probably ran home

Absolutely true in general but today he set up the second on a platter for Eddie and also toasted Ayling so many times that he lost his mind and got sent off.

Gabi did enough to win us the match in the first 25 minutes. We (including him) just made hard work of it after.


Was his best game in a substantial period of time, really wish he could find his scoring boots though.

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I have reservations on this kids end product but always admire his attitude.
Genuinely tried his heart out tonight and deserved excusing of any blame tonight


Definitely. I think him and Odegaard both had a very good game and never stopped trying.


crafty and great attitude, needs polishing and need some directness and end product but great energy injection every time as of late.


1 goal in his last 16 games.

He was alright today given the circumstances, but the bigger issue (outside of this game) is his inability to convert chances. Nuno Tavares would score more goals if he was playing Gabi’s position.


Is ESR fit? Interesting Arteta goes with a forward who isn’t producing goals over a guy who does.

Not sure what Arteta wants from the LW spot but I do know if you take away ESR’s goals we’d be much worse off on the table

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The issue I have with ESR is a combination of fitness and his lack of off the ball quality. He doesn’t really contribute much to the game unless he’s scoring and because (statistically at least) his scoring run wasn’t sustainable I think it makes sense to take him out of the team.

Martinelli is good at retaining the ball and also offers a direct and fast threat to opposition defenders so I think his inclusion is based on what he offers when he isn’t scoring (which is never atm lol) and the fact he’s got the fitness to go at it for an entire game.

ESR is still very much a work in progress


This kid is something else.

Here I am, seeing ESR dropping an absolute stinker of a performance. And then comes on Gabi. First few touches he is an absolute nightmare for Newcastle, I’m like “Game fucking on!”.
Then came his final ball…
Lad plays in his own world, I’m not even sure what’s going on in his head. Is he seeing ghosts? Was he seeing ESR’s ghost? Was he seeing Auba?

I don’t give a shit about his national team duties and the fucking Olympics. Lad needs to fucking work on this during preseason, it’s outrageous how he throws all his good work away…

He’s just another kid. Like ESR, like Saka, not a single one of them are the finished product, hell not even close to it yet if we’re being honest. Saka obviously looks the closest but he also get carte Blanche to start every game regardless of previous form.

Wide position is something we’re stacked with in regard to young prospects, we could do with a couple more options though moving into next season. Relying on these kids for another season will have similar results.

He does not see a pass this kid. Maybe in a few years we’ll be thankful for all the work experience he’s getting as a left wing, but his inexperience and general profligacy in front of goal has cost us.