Gabriel Martinelli (11)

He was quiet today but that piece of showboating was absolute filth.


Between that skill and Arteta kicking the ball away and grinning for the best shit houser.

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Not much went through our left hand side and yeah he was pretty average. Hasn’t been as good post WC, hopefully gets that early season form back because with our lack of depth we certainly need it.


Was probably our poorest player today although I feel like when one side is on fire the other is going to suffer. And today was simply Odegaard and Saka’s on that right. You even seen Zinchenko drop to a strange right CM position just so he could join in on the carnage.

Martinelli will be fine, probably a great time for ESR to come back though as I’m excited to see how he might link up with Zinchenko.

A little gentle rotation wouldn’t hurt moving forward with the EL coming back.

Martinelli is maybe missing Jesus a touch as they had lovely synergy.


Good point.

Exactly this.

We have an extremely wide array of threats so we can always find an imbalance somewhere, but the flip side of that unless the defence are morons there’s always going to be elements which get shut out during the game.

It would be concerning if Martinelli was the one with all the space but not making anything of it but that’s not really the case.

Still it really highlights that we need a new signing who can offer something slightly different so we can mix it up when we need to.

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Needs to take a leaf out of Saka’s book. He’s currently being double teamed out of games and doesn’t have enough guile about his game to skip out of those situations.
Think he’s also missing Jesus on the pitch. Jesus often dropped deep allowing Martinelli to run in behind and occupy central positions and they had also developed a good understanding between them often playing quick 1-2s to escape markers. Nketiah is more of a 6 yard box striker and doesn’t drop in as much limiting Martinelli’s movement in the final 3rd.

Just saw a clip where he completely shit houses Richarlison by trying to fist bump him before taking a corner whilst we are two nil up. Richarlison is warming up on the sideline and his head goes. 7.5 for yesterday.

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Are you sure it was football you watched yesterday?

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Who said you could only watch one thing at a time?

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Dear Gabi, would love for you to announce yourself against Man Utd, back on duty from the WC. :pray::pray:

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“How are you bruv, you alright?”


Need Martinelli to pick up that Bellerin accent. :rofl:

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When Gabby comes back this Gabi needs to sit out. Nketiah cannot be benched.

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I know a lot of what he’s doing the last few games hasn’t been coming off but I’m not too down on him. He is always involved and a good outlet for the team. He has still regularly beaten his man these last few games and I’ve little doubt the end product will return. Think the competition with Trossard will be nothing but a positive.


Needs a bit of a rest and some competition. All good things for a 21-year-old player.

He has a difficult role in our system. We never overlap the fullback on his side when Zinny is playing and combining with Xhaka isn’t the same as having Odegaard buzzing around you. Sometimes when it looks like nothing is coming off its just because every time he gets the ball its 1-v-2 and nothing is really on. But the fact that he is drawing that much of the defense’s attention and completely pinning the RB is helping our overall play in other ways.

A bit unlucky the hobbit’s face got in the way of that one shot, which looked to be heading toward the corner. A wonderstrike in that moment and narrative around him would be a lot different.


Got involved lots but unfortunately was pretty wasteful with the ball, always works hard though and I think it’ll turn for him again soon enough…


It will. Players with his work ethic and determination will always come back.

Guy came from fucking Ituano in Brazil and hit the ground running in the top tier of England of all places. Got a massive injury, came back, struggled to stay fit, game time was limited, but he eventually got there and grabbed his chance by the balls.

We saw him stand out for Brazil in the World Cup between the likes of Raphinha, Rodrygo, Antony, hell, even our very own Gabriel Jesus.

A new forward in the mix will hopefully help him go to the next level. :pray:


Bet United wish they had kept him when he trialled out for them !? The one that got away :rofl:

Looks a step slower and defenders have pretty much worked out his movement. He seems much more indecisive on the ball too.

I reckon he’ll be fine though with us having more options on the bench should give him a chance to have his game time managed


He’s definitely lost some precision in his actions. Maybe a consequence of starting every league game?

Having said that he’s an attacking contribution monster, he’s still a vital part of our threat in and around the box in terms of shots and key passes.

Here’s how he compares to the media’s favourite player.