Gabriel Magalhães (6)

Me neither, had to look it up to confirm. Genuinely thought he had played at least 10 games for them.

I like Gabriel but I would sack Edu if he rejected that. haha

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You have to imagine a Kroenke would be involved in a decision like that.


Just my way to saying that the report is bullshit.

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Would be very had not to accept half of that offer…

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Best CB since Thomas Vermaelen / Toure for me.

Football has seen a huge influx of quality centerbacks in last 6-7 years, else he would have been rated higher than he is now.

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Looking at that 1st goal Spurs scored he was at fault for switching off and letting Son run on to the ball

Very poor awareness on that one

Didn’t he run off Saka? Or am I just totally imagining that?

Maddison mugged Saka off and passed to Son for the goal, we had three defenders near and Gabriel is the one who should have been marking him.

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Think he and the other defenders did well. Our problems were in midfield and attack.

It’s been pointed out by @Mercenary that Rice is guilty of switching off and is partly culpable. He expects the ball to go out for a goal kick/corner. He would have been in position to block the ball to Son otherwise

Quite possibly hurting by that point and hoping to coast to halftime.

Not an excuse but him getting hurt may have fucked us for both goals.

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I thought Gabriel was great all things considered. Though I don’t know how on earth Son got in front of 3 of our players.

I’m more worried about Saka. That’s now 2 goals in 4 games that he’s directly contributed to via his errors.

The Fulham goal and the first Son goal.


‘he’s going to smash me’-- :tomi: pause


Sounds like he likes it rough as well, it brings out the best in him :henry: :henry2: