Francis Coquelin


I dont think we got 20m


Yeah was about 10-12 M


Starting for Valencia tonight. I’m guessing Kondogbia is unavailable?


Bloody love it. Hope he becomes a cult hero!



:grimacing: Didn’t leave us well :grimacing:


No he’s now a Valencia player why would you put another teams scarf on?

Fair play to Coquelin guy who done that is a prick


I was thinking of players like Drinkwater who had one good season and did terribly in the following season. Still managing to go for £35m. Even when he’s injured…


Coq had 1 interception, 3 tackles, and 90% pass accuracy in his debut. Not bad not bad.


He was never as bad as people made out to be. It was typical sheep behavior on OA this was always his game


had to bump this thread after he scored a goal. He looking like a steal for Valencia


The problem seems to be Wenger… just a thought.


Good for you Coquelin! Keep up the good work.


He was quite decent for a period for us, but he isn’t intelligent or skilled to be in the center for a team like ours, especially with our shambolic (NO) tactics. He isn’t as bad technically as some people make out, I agree with that… frankly, Xhaka and El Neny were kind of pointless or poor signings b/c what we really needed was eventual replacement for Santi and proper partner for him, to go along with Ramsey, Le Coq, and potentially Wilshere in the middle… with our injury issues, you need 4/5 there and Le Coq was fine as 4/5 option imho.

Having said that, at this point, I am happy to give AMN that spot until we find out if he can truly handle it long-term. He is as good as Xhaka technically and has way better composure and much higher upside.

AMN, Ramsey, Wilshere (?), new star - get rid of Xhaka and maybe hold onto El Neny to be 5th option in a rotation of 2/3.


You’re kidding right, the cunt had to constantly chase his first touch, is a shit passer and is quite frankly an idiot.
Any signing that meant that Coquelin wasn’t playing was worth the money. They may be shit player but they’re still far far better that this talentless bastard.


Sorry but Xhaka is not worth it. I rather Coquelin over Xhaka anyday.


There were plenty of examples of this with Arteta too, and he was a Far bettervplayer for us at his peak. I could find plenty of stupid cherry-picked youtube vids to show Le Coq pinging it around. And FFS I said he was good enough to be our 4/5 option. Read people.


And I say he’s not, he’s a piece of shit that pretends to play football. He was 4/5 choice this season and guess what… he’s fucking shit.

Talking about Coquelin pinging about

Underrated technique. All on the same game.


Again cherry picking YouTube give me a break. He had one very good half-season and then regressed. Not good enough to start for us but neither is Xhaka or El Neny. Also underrated when people call him piece of shit is pretty low bar. Get a grip.


Valencia are his level and Marcelino is a very good manager who can get the best out of him. Good luck Le Coq.