Francis Coquelin


Best of luck to him. I think he can be a fantastic player for Valencia. Use him right, don’t let him create to much, just let him tackle.


Good luck to him. He found his niche as a destroyer beside Santi and looked an immense player then, a shame it hasn’t panned out well. I remember thinking we had a brilliant player on our hands when we played against Fulham however many years ago it was and he played RB, I think?

Edit: 80M Buy Out Clause :coq::coq::coq:


One thing you can’t accuse Coquelin of is having poor mentality. Always gave 100%. He cared about the club and celebrated like a fan even when he wasn’t playing.

Hopefully he’ll do well in Spain :slightly_smiling_face:


Good luck to him. I’m just happy we’ve moved on a player that wasn’t going to play anyway. May he have a good/better time in Spain.


Best of luck to him, I don’t begrudge him and clearly he didn’t make it difficult to move him on. Despite his limitations he almost always gave his best and truly cared when we were bested unlike some of the other mugs.

The thing is a pure destroyer can’t be a pivotal focal point of a team unless the midfield is essentially built around them to compliment them and a top club requires more of a hybrid DM with ball playing ability.


Lol! They did really want him :smile:


That 2015 season he had like 80+ interceptions, more than anyone in the major football leagues that year. He isn’t as bad on the ball as a lot of ppl make him out to be either. He had a couple long term injury layoffs as well. If they can get him back to that level and playing consistently there, and if they can keep him fit, he might justify that release clause. Honestly he was playing at Kante level that year. Two big if’s I know, but under a more organized manager and team he might be really good.


No it doesn’t. Lots of fans know lots of stuff and also lots of fans get lots of stuff wrong.


Omg i :heart: this. When they destroyed united and ended that shit drought against those cunts. Made me soooo fucking happy.


Santi-Coq will for me go down as one of best midfield pairing we had.
Together they made lot of top teams their bitches.


Do you remember how Thierry called Le Coq? :smiley:


How he called him?



This is a great move for him. I hope he can make the most of it.


Surely Marcelino is a better manager than Wenger and can make Coquelin works.


Whilst other team sell their fringe or average players for £30m. We sell Coquelin for £12m who is just as good if not better than them. He’s not the best but just ridiculous.


They are prepping for selfie but posing for the camera?


Out of curiosity, what players are you referring to? Because I don’t see how Coq retains much value even in this market.


To me his story is one of taking your chances. He could of been lost in football obscurity had he stayed at charlton. He took opportunity and it paid off he will still play at a high level for team competing for champions league, he won trophies here which he can look back and say he achieved something with arsenal. I wish him all the best I have a feeling it will go well for him


We got 20m for a guy who can only tackle. I’d say we robbed them :grinning: