Francis Coquelin


Goodbye Francis! All the best of the future. You looked good in the 2014/2015 season, then it didn’t really work.


If not the annual injury crisis, Coq would never had that chance 2 seasons ago, and Wenger could have sold him at that time


Goodbye Francis. Thank you for the freezer.


There is a Valencian video editor uploading a youtube compilation as we speak.

Francis Coquelin - Deadly Tackles, Skills, Pashun Tapping & Assists



Bye Coq, good luck. Hope you smash it!


coq smashing…oooooohhhh matron!


Would bloody love it if he scored on his debut



He should never have diverted from being a pure destroyer but eventually his technical deficiency would no longer be worth it anyway. Just happened quicker with Wenger’s shit use of him.


Came here to say basically this. Got way more hate than he deserved because he was being asked to do a job he was never equipped to.


Happy to see the back of at least one of our bang average players on pretty good wages, all the best in Spain Coq.


I don’t know why Wenger gave up on defending. When we switched to the back 3 we played some boring but tight football for about 10 games (including cup wins against two of the top three sides) and Coq could’ve been a part of that, but this season we switched to an all over the place back 3.


Because a destroyer with 3 CBs is overkill and means we’d be useless going forward


He seems to get the most hate because a world class Hazard got the better of him one time. With Cazorla all he needed to do was pass side ways and we were good to go. But as Cazorla got older yes the younger man had to get up and down the pitch because the older man couldn’t and the problem became his limitations. Still Coquelin got that assist or pre-assist off an interception that was impressive and sometimes had good passing range.

But then Santi got injured and he played with Ramsey, Xhaka and Elneny and we had no playmaking ability in the middle. Coq became redundant

Still remember when everyone moaned about Cazorla being too slow and how we needed a younger powerhouse to partner Coq. Then some wanted a Xhaka-Coq partnershit or Santi-Xhaka partnership and berated the managed.

It all shows fans know fuck all really.


I can’t remember people moaning about Cazorla being to slow in 2015 :rofl:


I think Coq was good but hit a slump, maybe there was no room for him in the system, idno, bummed he left.


A slump that lasted 4 times his good period?





€80m buyout clause too :rofl: