Francis Coquelin


Spanish clubs don’t have money, so I imagine they’ll get him for like £8m


Well exactly. That’s the problem I have. There are no signs that we’ll replace him and it’ll be a while before we see Willock reach his potential – if he does. Coq might not be the most technically gifted and sure he probably isn’t good enough for us (along with about 10 others), but he does have that aggression on the pitch that we lack most of the time. And Valencia obviously see something in him, so it will be interesting to see how he gets on.


We’re stacked in central midfield numbers wise and Coquelin is similarly expendable there as Gabriel was for the defence last year.

A proactive manager with a willing owner would absolutely lay into this squad and sweep out most of the deadweight in one or two attempts, but for Wenger his remaining midfield options minus Coquelin will suffice. He wasn’t getting in the 18 just recently, even with injuries in the squad


Ha, who would we have left? We need a reset button.



No reliable outlets reporting this yet?


FC could be for Football Club though! :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like this one is done. Will be nice to get rid of some of our average squad players, although there are still many more needed to be shipped out.


We need to get rid of xhaka and start over with Jack, Aaron, WC newbie (haha yeah right), AMN, and maybe El Neny as filler (I don’t rate Willock).


I can think of a number of combinations I’d rather see than Coq-Wilshere. Actually that would probably be the last. Between Coq’s hiding from the ball in build-up and inability with it the few times he does touch it, and Jack’s poor off the ball movement/awareness offensively and defensively, that would just be utter disaster. Like I said, you can pretty much make any combination of our midfielders and it’s one I’d rather see than that. Maitland-Niles-Ramsey is the one I really want to see. Maitland-Niles-Wilshere I would be curious to see too.

Not picking on you, I just saw that you were saying a disastrous combo was worth giving it a go and it was easy to respond to.


I just wish Coquelin had got his goal before leaving :disappointed_relieved:


Surely we’ve not ended up getting £22 million for him?? :cech:

Daylight robbery


€12m according to Bouhafsi, not sure where Kike Marin got 22m from :rofl::rofl:


Same place he gets most things from, his


Lol! 22 mil for him? :rofl:


Shame he never got that first Arsenal goal


So will Valencia fans be like “OMG Coquelin what a dream”?


We’re in profit already this transfer window.
Great news for the club and supporters.


Next project…
Loan another mil or two to Stan for his next barn…


@Bl1nk Wenger just confirmed on Sky he’s joined Valencia