Francis Coquelin


He was tackling for the whole team though. There was a time when he used to get 7-8 clean tackles in one half.

That red card stupidity against Kane & he never came back.


Why not Wilshere??

Coquelin actually developed a lot that season. You can see his long balls and dribbling are actually quite good by the end of the video.

IMO he’s got more in his locker than Xhaka. He’s the only player we’ve had in years who could actually slide-tackle cleanly AND win the ball, he’s way more mobile and agile than Xhaka, he’s long passing isn’t as good perhaps but it’s still good, he can dribble way better than Xhaka, he’s way faster than Xhaka.

I think he deserves another chance in the line-up playing next to someone like Wilshere because he was genuinely awesome for us with Cazorla.


Off topic but Rosicky :heart_eyes:


Have we seen Coq and Jack together like that? Probably worth giving it a go. Coq is better than Elneny and Xhaka is well Xhaka - how Xhaka has managed to play so many games is a mystery. He’s had good spells but at other times has been a liability. I guess the problem is he hasn’t really had anyone competing for his position.


Heck he can be a pretty solid right back as well.
He was one during Yossi benayoun 4th place race season.
Why has Wenger completely shut him down this season?


Coq and Wilshere were in the academy together and have played together for years but I’m not sure they’ve ever played in the first team together (maybe a couple league cup outings 7 years ago).


Strange but true.
Unsurprisingly I didn’t work.
Another example of Wenger’s arrogance in thinking he could play players out of position rather than buying a proper player.


Yeah I remember watching some youth final with Coq & Wilshere in midfield.


Left back too no? Anyway he wanted to leave because he didn’t want to be a fullback.


Yeah but that was back when he was young & ambitious.
I am sure he knows his abilities better now. He is a defensive player with tidy footwork. He would be great as a fullback.



Happy to use this gif again


Your happy to see him go?


That would be a disaster.

No big fan of Elneny but no, he’s not.

Can’t believe people are lamenting the loss of Coq. He was good in 14-15 yeah, next to one of the best 8s you’ll see, but he’s an extremely limited footballer who was getting more idiotic each year. Maybe Marcelino can put him in a pressing system alongside some good footballers and make it work, but it’s clear we can’t, so I see no reason not to rejoice the fact we’ve cleared out a player who was a) dead weight b) occasionally picking up valuable minutes that could’ve been given to a youngin in Europa and c) making £75k a week.


I’m not lamenting the loss of Coq. I’m not going to lose any sleep over him going. I’ve already said Cazorla made him look better.

Not sure why you picked on me there either, I wasn’t the first person to suggest the Jack/Coq partnership. I was replying to Cristo and just agreeing that it was worth a shot given we have fuck all else in midfield. But it’s irrelevant now anyway seeing as he is likely leaving.


Good riddance, been absolute shit for much longer than he was good.

Talentless pashun merchant.


Let’s see what Marcelino can do with him. Bants if he performs well.

Marcelino showing what competent coaches can do with these players.


Valencia have now bought Gabriel and Coquelin.

Do they want Walcott for free as a loyalty bonus?


I like him and hope he does well at Valencia. Happy for him to get a chance at an exciting team like Valencia.

Go on Coquelin!


Also if any of you think we’ll replace Coquelin with another CM you’re highly mistaken lol

Ramsey, Wilshere, Xhaka, Elneny, Willock, AMN. I’m sure Wenger thinks we have plenty of midfielders who can do a job.


For how much?