France Thread


Only penalty rhymes with griezmann according to the singer lol, dislike the little fucker since our game with Atleti last year.


I love the Kante bit :grin:


Lacazette has really offended Deschamps somewhere along the line, hasn’t he? No Laporte either.


Laporte looks like he’s never getting in despite arguably being their best CB.

He should look to sign up for Spain, they badly need quality at the back.


Why the fuck is Adil Rami still in there lol


Deschamps probably likes to look at Pamela’s tits.


Holy shit just looked his wiki up and he’s dating Pamela Anderson :arteta:


Makes it easier to select both Varane and Umtiti as starting CB’s, Laporte would unsettle that as he’s better than the both of them IMO.

Rami wasn’t even in the provisional for the World Cup FFS.


Spain got some Espanyol guy who’s amazing apparently.


Who? They need all they can get, you simply don’t pass up on someone like Laporte.

Ramos won’t last forever either, he’s on the wane.



Wouldn’t be hard to be the best produced over the last decade, isn’t a lot of standouts.

Nice one though, I’ve heard his name before.


Lacazette will never be back in the french team as long as Deschamps is in charge. He just doesn’t rate him.


Deschamps is under absolutely no pressure to make changes either, given they won every game at the World cup car a bore draw in a dead rubber for them vs Denmark.