Formula One

Brilliant performance for the GOAT today.

Great race!

Alonso had a good race did he? :eyes:

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Amazing Race from Lewis. Now has another record to his name…Most wins at the same Grand Prix (9). Best driver of all time! :heart:

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Been a great week for you pal congrats

I did wonder which driver walked behind Lando :joy:

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Verstappen is an insane driver.

Red Bull car is great, but you can see he is the one who absolutely maxes it out and been doing that since he entered the F1.

What an incredible race. So chuffed for Hamilton who broke another record. Definitely a tear jerker for the fans. I’d put that race in his top 5.


I was at Goodwood Festival of Speed on the weekend.

Mannnnnn, bring back the V10’s, I’ll do anything :weary::rofl:

Also saw Senna’s McLaren MP4/4 driven by Bruno Senna, what a machine!!!

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Lando isn’t going to let Piastri through, is he? He’s pulling away from Piastri here

Leclerc Really should leave Ferrari.

Absolutely terrible strategy team

Well done Lewis :clap::clap:

Fuck that cunt

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Terrible move from Verstappen there. Goodness me. He’s on edge :man_facepalming:

Lando is a horrible teammate

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Also lando shouldn’t give the spot back, he’s done more than the two second gap piastri had since the pits.

Piastri had slower pit, had some cock ups and lando has been rapid. He’s the best challenger as well so leave it as is.

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What a spicy race.

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Max has been tetchy all race. Needs a penalty for that BS.

Norris is the one that has a small chance to catch Max for the title, dumb for him to not take the win here. What’s the thinking ?

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Teammate relations will be completely ruined. Best believe Piastri will remember getting stabbed in the back

If only sainz can find a way through too

Yeah well he can blame the team. They should’ve pitted him first, they had enough space to Lewis to do it that way round.

They’ve both done enough for each other in the past. Lando needs the extra points to have any chance, if it was for third and fourth he’d do it I’m sure.

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