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That’s not true - you can win so much, and also do something nasty; in fact, it’s more often how most people get to the top.

To deem it beyond a racing incident, you have to review past behaviour. He’s done it before, many times in fact, and thus has past behaviour that indicates that it was somewhat calculated.

Do I think he should be suspended? No.
Was a 10sec penalty high enough? No.
But it can be somewhere in between.

Tbf Lewis is the last guy you can say ‘he has previous!’ to.

Max, Charles, Daniel, Seb are all far more aggressive than he has been in the hybrid era.

Of course that may be because he has had a dominant car in that time and could be relaxed. But still

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Refer to my examples above; he has done the exact same thing (almost to a tee) to Albon twice.

I don’t particularly hate Hamilton, but I’m not buying into this nonsense of blaming the victim, or minimising an event because he’s both British and an all-time champion.

I just think it’s kinda indicative of the state of F1 that wheel to wheel racing like this has to be considered dirty racing because the cars can’t even hardly touch because they are so fragile and also this situation rarely comes up because there isn’t enough passing. Watch an indycar race with over 100 passes for position on track per race and you will see this multiple times from drivers either strong arming someone off track or squeezing them out of room. The drivers pass enough and race wheel to wheel enough to deal properly with it most times.

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This is like saying I watched rugby and they absolutely nail the shit out of each other, I don’t understand why footballers don’t do the same.

But the regs next year are designed to allow following a lot easier so when cars close up to 1.5 seconds they shouldn’t have a massive drop off in pace.

Not when ur sport used to be rugby but the teams just stopped instructing their players to tackle anymore :joy::joy: face it, F1 has been pretty atrocious racing for several decades now, and even worse they had to manufacture a way for more overtaking (DRS). F1 know their product is shit that’s why they are introducing the new technical regulations to promote actual good racing. So no worries my dood ur rugby team can tackle again next season :+1::+1::grin::grin: hopefully then ppl will stop being such pussies about close wheel to wheel racing.

Yeah I’m looking forward to it, hopefully it has the desired effect :pray:

Just to nudge this - Chandhok’s analysis was declared inadmissible.

Hopefully we see a 20s stop and go added on to this penalty - at a minimum.

Can you point me to examples where your penalty is justified?

By who and why?

It’s a racing incident at best. Some are actually saying it’s Max’s fault as Lewis was clearly alongside.

The FIA.

They know fuck all tbh. Always making wrong calls.

What answer could I have given you then, that you wouldn’t have responded with that same response?


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This appeal was always going to be rejected.

This title battle is gonna be spicyyyyyyy

All Energy drink racing have done is make themselves look like babies, and somehow made Mercedes look like upstanding gentleman of the F1 community :sweat_smile:


I’d be advocating the same thing if Lewis has been the victim.

Pleased the appeal failed. It should have failed and it did. Red Bull are full of BS and Max has proved over the years that he is more dangerous and aggressive behind the wheel given the number of crashes he has caused. Hope he loses his control. Lewis is the better driver and hopefully this will be borne out in the championship this season. Defo going to be tasty and the gloves are definately off now!

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Red bull getting called out by the stewards for saying Hamilton deliberately crashed into Max.

Hilarious that they also got Albon to reenact Lewis line on a filming day at silverstone. The only issues with that being they didn’t have the correct tires, the right conditions, the wrong car (redbulls 2020) and the right driver.