Formula One thread

Mental race. Superb win for Gasly. Hamilton pitted when the pit entry was closed and got a 10 second stop-go penalty and Bottas was just shit. F1 is excellent when Mercedes aint involved.

who’s in the 2nd Ferrari seat?

Sainz. See above bro

Dunno if that’s a good career move or not lol.

He’ll probably win races but not the title so it’s about right for a driver of his level.

Ferrari are bad but they essentially gave up on this year as soon as lockdown happened so they are not quite this bad.

I don’t think they’ve properly upgraded the car once this season.

It’s the same engine for next season too I think, they’re not moving up anytime soon, Good to see Vettel with a Mercedes engine though.

Ferrari are finished for the short term. They need to come back in 2022 when the cars change with a bang. Sainz will be going backwards from Mclaren who will be even stronger next season with a Merc engine.

Regarding Seb, that’s as best move as he’s gonna get right now. Kinda shitty it’s at Perez’ expense. All because Stroll’s dad owns the team.

Are the engines frozen?

Binotto made it sound like they could still make some changes to the engine for 2021?

It’s actually really good to see McLaren do so well again, but this sport is about the money just like everything else.

Ferrari aren’t spending their money on this current car, so they’re shit.

But they still have more money than McLaren so they’re a better bet in general.

My bad, i’ve misread the statement, Binotto said that there will be some changes, but not enough to make them title contenders…the engine freeze is for 2023 iirc.

Yeah there is no way they are touching Mercedes or RBR until 2022 at the least bit you’d hope they’d be good enough for Q3 with a better engine.

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Lol gotta love Lando

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Knew it. These guys weren’t used to having to keep the car on the track.

When I first saw how narrow some of the first chicanes are, I knew there would be a smash up on lap 1 lol. Another crazy ass race.

Happy for Albon to finally get a podium after being robbed of it twice by Lewis previously.

Omg angry Kimi is the best.

Howling at this