Formula One thread

Ooft, Danny Ric to McLaren? With lando, that’s the most banter lineup.

Vettel to Renault or retirement then I guess.

Pretty happy with Sainz, he hung with Max very well at TR and was very decent for McLaren and Renault.

Id hope he doesn’t spin the car out and crash as much as his predecessor did.

The dream was Lewis of course but alas that hasn’t happened

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Epic moves. Sainz has been nothing short of awesome at Mclaren. Its amazing how he went from booted from Renault to getting a seat at Mclaren (who done a great job with their car), to now Ferrari.

I’ve just finished watching season 2 of Drive to Survive. Ricciardo looked pissed off the whole season at Renault and will no doubt be brilliant at McLaren. Both him and Sainz, along with Albon and Gasly were the stars of the series.

I cant wait for F1 to be back :tired_face:


Surely not… :giroud3:

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:poldi: :laca2: :torreira: :auba: :chester:

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I think he retires, or tries to get an Indycar ride.

Hamilton was never going to go to Ferrari. He has previously said he is keen to continue with Mercedes.

Sainz to Ferrari is a good move and I think he could do well. I just hope he isn’t expected to be a No.2 driver for Leclerc.

Vettel should retire…he isn’t going to beat Lewis or win the World Championship again.

I can see Alonso returning to Renault.

Can’t wait for F1 to be back…missing it so much and having to rely on highlight videos on YouTube!


I watch F1, but I don’t care for it as much as others do, but @Mysty (please come back) told me that based on my “type” I’d fancy Carlos Sainz… now that he has joined the big team, I am on board.

Sebastian Vettel: How much do you know about his time at Ferrari? -

I only got 4/10 :grimacing:

10/10 bruh. How could I forget all those crashes.


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Some really smart ideas here. F1 may be slowly coming back on the up with stuff like this.

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Soooo, a lot happened in F1 lately huh :sweat_smile: Somewhat glad Vettel’s leaving Ferrari really, just didn’t really work anymore. Sainz will be an interesting and ideal to Leclerc. Quick enough to keep him no his toes but not so fast he’s going to be too much hassle. Basically Ferrari’s own Bottas.

I do miss racing, although having so many classic races and sim racing has kept me more than entertained :smiley:

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Ferrari aint gonna like that cost cut. But I lile the way F1 is heading tbh.

So looking forward to this. More than the footy in fact!

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A sport that wont be hindered whatsoever by having no crowd :slight_smile:

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Exactly, football isn’t the same without fans, some find it watchable,some don’t…in F1, the V6 sound matters most, albeit the tifosi in Monza make are the exception.

Sounds like the new F1 game will have an ultimate team style mode and the drivers are getting overall ratings.

:ozil: at Bottas rating

As good as Max apparently.

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