Formula One thread

@BigWeng_4LYFE you seen Lando Norris on twitch streams? Guy is hilarious tbf to him :arteta:


The kid is a Valentino Rossi fan, he’s legit.

This started off great then he spent most of the filming configuring his video settings ffs😅

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Yeah ffs, sound cut out as well.

He has a vid where he’s doing iracing with Max Verstappen which is quite good and is fine the whole way through iirc.

Love Lando, he was robbed at Spa of a top 5 finish, I think the kid is a talent. He’s such a meme tho :joy::joy:

A better one @Midfield_Maestro @BigWeng_4LYFE

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3 in a row!!! @LucafromItaly amazing :arteta:

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Vettel wins


It’s been a while.

Leclerc is mad :arteta:

What a boring race

Had to swicth off, plus all those safety cars were taking an eternity, did the team ask Leclerc to back off a bit ?

Finally, Ferrari behaving like a big team. Hope they give Mercedes some tough competition till the end of the season. Leclerc is the real deal and Vettel was lucky to win yesterday. Anyway, Ferrari 1 2 and I cannot be arsed about who won.

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@Mysty @Midfield_Maestro @BigWeng_4LYFE


No qualy today so Max whipped out fifa haha


Anyone staying up for qualying and race?

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What a fuck up by Vettel at the start. Cost Leclerc and max the most but didn’t help himself either. I think Mercedes would have won even without the fuck up cause their race pace was just better than Ferrari.

Another constructor’s title for Mercedes. Ferrari have to get back to winning ways, hopefully next season onwards.

Looks like the World Council will vote through the 2021 rules soon . Thank the lord.

F1 will be worth watching a lot more soon enough lads, the good times are coming.

Credit to Ferrari Williams and McLaren for lobbying in favour, and fuck Mercedes and RedBull for wanting these rules delayed.

Unlucky Toto, lying fuck. Rules are getting changed no matter how close you think things are currently.

Are those fucking wheel covers. They can get to fuck.

Rear wing looks very different!

Nope. Here is a mock-up:

And a doctored image of the official F1 render:

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That car is dank, it looks like an IndyCar, except better now because the halo is actually better than the concoction that IndyCar came up with, the windscreen. It’s so god awful that it makes the halo look great.

Live stream of official unveiling

Tombazis looks well, I’m glad.


@Mysty @Midfield_Maestro this looks unreal, all they have to do now is sack David Croft.