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Thanks a lot for sharing this with me @Arsenal4thetreble that was a really intriguing read. You say you were only 10 at the time, but I was only 6 :smiley: I wasn’t watching F1 in 1993, it started following it about a year or two later. But I’ve seen season highlights of that year as well as some documentaries so I have a decent idea of Andretti’s year at Mclaren.

I do think it was naive of Michael to base himself in the States during the season, even if he had the benefit of Concorde. Practically every driver bases themselves in Europe. Obviously Australia is a lot further away than USA but Ricciardo is based in Europe. Casey Stoner the MotoGP rider moved from Australia to England with his family to come racing in Europe. Just being based on another continent doesn’t make things easy.

He says about the pace difference in tests and the races, but in testing, you’re looking to do specific things with the car, rather than out and out lap time. Senna may’ve not been too bothered setting really fast times but who knows. Racing is a different kettle of fish from Qualifying.

I can agree the limit on practice laps would’ve hindered anyone but even then Mclaren despite a bog standard Cosworth engine is still an easy top 4 car that year. The gaps around then were much larger than today. Not every team had or bothered to develop active suspension and it was worth a lot of time. Same as traction control. Some teams didn’t even have the semi automatic gear panels still and used a normal shifter!

One thing I can definately understand though is his frustration with Ron Dennis. Ron is a very complicated man. He made Mclaren what it is, he has a massive passion for racing and winning. But his unusual obsessive personality rubbed people up the wrong way and many drivers who have worked for him have mentioned he’s not an easy person to work with, he’s a controlling guy, who portrays a certain image. He has his favourites, even if he may not say it. Not sure if you’ve ever seen this, but here’s a clip of him talking to Schumacher at an event at the end of 1993. He was pretty keen to snap Michael up. But his way of words didn’t go down too well.

In any case, I think Andretti was kinda doomed from the start. Having a backup driver like Hakkinen was always going to be tough. Mika was the new line of young drivers who was very fast. First race after Andretti left, Hakkinen outqualified Senna, much to the displeasure of the Brazilian. And of course Mika went on to achieve much success in F1 later on with wins and titles.

Ultimately, I can see some of the arguments and points Andretti makes, but regardless, he got involved in too many incidents and didn’t really improve much during the year. Shame really as he was a great CART driver and I remember well his Newman-Haas days in that Black car :slight_smile: Perhaps if he’d been with another team and had a second year, he might’ve done better. But sounds like to me he was just simply more suited to the States.

Anyways, I’ve rambled on enough :grinning: Hope you find my musings useful.

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Such a shame cuz Mansell went the other way and destroyed the field in CART, although Andretti kinda knew they were gonna do really well that year even if he had stayed.


Mansell had a great debut year in the States. I think he was well suited to those cars because you needed to be physically strong to handle those cars, which didn’t have power steering and Nigel had a lot of strength in his arms.

Though for some reason his second year in 94 didn’t go so well and after all the mess going on F1 with Senna’s death, he was lured back to F1 with Williams. Funnily enough Mansell was another to suffer a poor stint at Mclaren in 1995. Too big to fit into the car and had to miss the first two races. Car was not very competitive either. Then he only did two races before he was fed up and left :joy:

Seems around the 90s there was quite a switch over of drivers from the Atlantic. Paul Tracy once tested for Benetton :smiley:

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Paul Tracy was a crash waiting to happen tho lol, he was overrated. My favorite driver around then was Jacques Villeneuve. Dood came from 2 laps down to win Indy. He had a good career in F1 tho didn’t he?


Jacques had a weird ass F1 career. Great debut season nearly winning the title. Won in 97, though made hard work of it that year. But after that it all nose dived. He made the mistake of joining his manager, Craig Pollock at his brand new team, BAR in 1999. They didn’t deliver anywhere near the promise Jacques had hoped. They scored 0 points and came last in their first season :laughing: He only obtained a few podiums during his time there. By the time Pollock left, different management took over from 2002 and he wasn’t flavour of the month after that, eventually ousted end of 2003. He managed another season and a half before he was out of F1 for good.

Trouble with Jacques, his stock dropped and he cost a lot of money and didn’t really have the results to back it up in his final few seasons. Not to mention he comes out with so much shit time after time, I think by the end teams didn’t really care for him. It’s kinda ironic after he left BAR that they started to do well, finishing 2nd overall in 2004. And then later down the line became Honda…who later become Brawn, who now of course are Mercedes.

Would be nice if we had a quick North American driver again at some point. (Excluding Perez).

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Michael Schumacher’s 50th birthday today. Lots of nice messages and articles been doing the rounds to mark the occasion.

Still really sucks what happened to him with the Skiing accident. Especially with his son starting to make a name for himself climbing up the ranks now.

Schumi was the first driver I ever supported in Formula 1 back in the mid 90s. He was absolutely incredible. I kinda went off him somewhat though during around 01/02 as the Ferrari dominance as well as the whole Austria fiasco just tainted things. But I still like looking back at all the stuff he did and achieved. His records are outstanding and it’s kinda scary to think Hamilton is not that far off from his titles and wins now. But they’ll never be anyone like him again.

There’s an hour long podcast of Ross Brawn talking about Schumacher on the F1 Youtube channel, great listen.

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Thanks for posting that, will give it a listen later.

I think like any sport, fans like to romanticise drivers long after they’re retired/gone from the sport and F1 is no different. Its always difficult to appreciate what you have now because player/driver/athlete is part of team “x” or did this or that and I think both Schumacher and Hamilton are very perfect examples of this, both drivers disliked very much during their driving days. I think Hamiltons career when it’s eventually over will be looked upon in the same way we look at Schumacher, we don’t quite appreciate him now because he’s sweeping the floor with everyone and it’s getting boring and it was the same with Schumacher in his ferrari years, he was hated at one point by many. But now we look back at the man and appreciate what an absolute beast of a driver he was and how much he won during his career. The same will happen with Hamilton.

One of my favourite Schumacher moments after he retired was when he was on top gear and they unveiled him as the Stig, so they could get the Ferrari Fxx around the track, goosebumps!

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Happy birthday legend! Hope to see you back one day :slight_smile:


Maurizio out, Binotto in. It’s official. @Electrifying @Mysty


Really? Oh shiettt.

Well Sergio wanted to do it anyways before he died so I guess then went through with it.

I liked Maurizio but the operations was a shambles towards the end.


Binotto is an engineer and so knows F1, stile Arrivabene not.


@Luca_from_Italy new Ferrari looks good. Just like last year basically but that’s fine, the car wasn’t the problem then.

Hopefully the upgrades in the other departments work out

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Man, just saw it. Beautiful. Hopefully Big Charlie can make it a wonder car.


So testing finished.

Cars are all pretty similar to last year

Ferrari look best but a bit unreliable.

RedBull jizzing over Honda, let’s see. Mercedes struggling a bit for pace?

Renault look decent, as do Haas. They’ll be fighting for best of class 2.

McLaren, Alfa and Toro Rosso look at a similar place.

Racing Point next.

Williams look fucked.

Melbourne soon, looking forward to it.

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Guess Mercedes is hiding itself again. Toto is a sneaky bastard.


Can’t wait to fight this Arsenal cunt.


He’s a real winner. Arsenal fans should take a lesson on how to act from Hamilton. You could learn a thing or two about class from this man.




I’ve literally not watched any of the practice sessions so far. Thank you for this summation, it was perfect.

Alternatively if anyone has like a summation vid of the practice that would be sweet


Formula 1 is baaaaaaaaack this week :kos2:

So to get in the mood, here’s a few moments from the land down under.

The infamous first corner carnage of 2002.

One for @Luca_from_Italy to enjoy. Cocky Scots finds pitwall. “And into the pitlane…OH GOD” :arteta: (Still cracks me up).

Bit of onboard fun from the 2006 race, in the first year of the V8s era.