Formula One thread


Was a good race. Max really is top quality when he puts his head down and drives maturely. I was going to bet on him to finish on the podium pre-race, but changed mind last minute :roll_eyes:.

Alonso crashing out in first lap cost me a massive accy too ffs lol.

What about Kimi, eh. Cant believe that was his first win in 5 years. He cracked me up the way he was so ‘meh’ about it. No doubt he had a drink that night. Think he plays the ice man for the cameras!


Vettel literally a German that isn’t learning from the past :arteta: @Luca_from_Italy @Mysty

His comments after all these incidents really doesn’t give me much confidence he has learnt from this for next year, I fear more incidents in the future.

Although I’m glad LeClerc will be there just to keep him on his toes and make him a bit more careful from now on.


Yeah, he needs a long break this winter. He has lost the plot.


Red Bull are flying in Mexican Grand Prix qualifying.
Q1: Hamilton, Bottas, Verstappen e Ricciardo.
Q2: Verstappen, Hamilton, Vettel and Ricciardo.
Another disaster for Ferrari. Sack all of them. Pole for Ricciardo, then Ricciardo, Hamilton and Vettel.


Normal start in the end.


Not sure what happened to Ricciardo at the start




Alonso smh…had to retire again.



:netherlands::netherlands::netherlands::netherlands: Future world champ

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Not sure about it. He still has to improve mentally.


Hamilton and Bottas pitting. Supersoft for them.
Ricciardo pitting as well.
Vettel trying a risky strategy.
Raikkonen being overtaken by Hamilton and Ricciardo. Vettel pitting now.
Vettel and Verstappen are flying atm.
C’mon Seb! Overtake Ricciardo!
FUCK OFF VSC! Vettel was about to overtake Ricciardo. Stupid stupid thing to have.
Well-done Seb.
Vettel 2nd.
Vettel is trying to catch Verstappen.
Hamilton flying on the grass. Need to change his tyres.
Vettel trying an all-in.


Once Hamilton is done I’d love to see Max win a championship tbh

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Ricciardo had to retire again. Unbelievable!

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Jesus Christ his luck…

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Congratulations to Hamilton who wins the title. Verstappen wins the race, instead. Good 2nd place for Vettel.

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Good race.
5 championship wins for Hamilton is incredible :uk:

Surely Verstappen will be conpeting until the end next season, he’s such a good driver.


See you next season, you cocky fucker. You are a great driver, but we literally threw the title away.


Such a strange race, Mercedes just fell away like crazy. I’ll take another Kimi podium.

It’ll be a miracle if Max doesn’t win a title. He’s ready to win one, he just now needs a car that’s capable of doing it.

Can’t believe Ricciardo’s luck this year, it’s utterly incredible. Poor sod.


Well exactly.

RedBull Honda ain’t it.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Leclerc gets there first.

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Exactly. Verstappen doesn’t have the car to win the title.