Formula One thread


The USA Gp. qualifying is set to take place.
Q1: Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel and Raikkonen.
Q2: Raikkonen, Vettel, Hamilton and Bottas.
Unlucky Ferrari. Deserved the pole today. Still a good position ahead of tomorrow’s race.


If only that Cazzo hadn’t got himself a 3 place grid drop for tomorrow for speeding during red flags.

Wonder who he will crash into tomorrow :bellerin:

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Shut up. It was a very harsh penalty, you stronzo :xhaka:


No it wasnt.

It’s a simple rule. See the red flag. Slow down. Simple as that.

But then, if you crash into other cars deliberately, I can see where following simple rules even will be a problem.

I despair that our beautiful fast car has been in the hands of a crasher happy mug and a old slowpoke this season.


Vettel the king of mistakes

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Ricciardo is having a really awful season, just can’t seem to finish a race


Hold on Kimi!




Bottas fucked it at the end there as well. Championship celebrations on ice until Mexico, surely he’ll wrap it up there.



So so happy :smiley:

Fucking hell that race was insanely tense.


Finally Kimi! So happy for him. Cocky Lewis not winning the title yet.



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A race winner at 39 years old. Throughly well deserved given the insane amount of seconds and thirds he’s had.

Brilliant race, lots of good racing, strategy worked out nicely. Kept the race interesting.

And as for Seb Vettel :joy: God above what has happened to him this year.

LOL Kimi asking “Has Lewis won the title?” :smiley:


Why does Seb not know how to race wheel to wheel?? If he were in indycar he’d be losing his ride after about a dozen races :joy::joy:


Yeah, he spins too much.


The weekend his book comes out as well!

You got your copy?


Not yet my good man. I’ll probably wait until Christmas for it.

Man I wish we had more races like today. Good racing, good strategy. Geniune tension. COTA really does produce some fun little racing. Can’t wait to see how Indycar get on around there next year @Arsenal4thetreble .

Pleased for Hulk as well in P6, Renault have struggled a lot lately, so a real pleasant surprise to see both cars best of the rest this weekend :slight_smile:

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Vettel has admitted facing personal problems off the track.


Yeah there and Laguna Seca added are real coups!!


Stopped watching F1 a while back after one of many Ferrari and Vettel fuck ups. But am real glad Kimi got another win, after 5 years. Thoroughly deserved. I just hope he gets another few before the end of the season. Nothing else to look forward to as a Ferrari fan than that IMO. As for Vettel, I really hope he can turn things around next season.