Formula One thread


Q1: Ricciardo, Vettel, Raikkonen and Grosjean. Awful from Hamilton.
Q2: Raikkonen, Verstappen, Bottas and Hamilton.


Ferrari risked a late lap in Q2. Silly.

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Monster lap from Hammy!


And Ferrari is fucked.
Fuck off Arrivabene! GTFO from Ferrari, you clown! Pole for Hamilton, then Verstappen and Vettel.


Jock Clear and the rest of the dumbass strategists certainly do.


What a lap by Lewis. I don’t think Vettel and Ferrari can beat him. He just seems to be in a zone where he can pull out one astonishing lap in every Q3, no matter whether the track suits his car or not. I think the title is gone.


Cazzo merda! It’s over again :santi:


Finally a great start from Vettel. Now the SF is out on the track after the 2 Force India clash against each other.
Sirotkin’s car has something weird on his frontwing.
Engine problems for Max.
Normal restart.
Hamilton slowing it down to stop Vettel.
So boring!
Light rain and Hamilton is smashing it now.
Ultrasoft for Vettel. Going for it.
Ferrari ahahah! Another disaster.
Vettel overtakes Perez.
And now Verstappen overtakes Vettel after the pit-stop. Should have never put the ultrasoft in.


Max gets vettel by a whisker on pit exit!


Give me Jock clears head on a plate.

I’m convinced hes a Mercedes agent.



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Vettel is gonna finish 5th, as he will have to change them again.
Perez clashes against Sirotkin.
Risky here!


Loved how Sirotkin was defending there


Alonso is faster than Vettel :rofl:
Vettel completely giving up. The title is officially over.
The best driver will win the title. Vettel don’t deserve it and especially Ferrari don’t deserve it.
Congratulations to Hamilton. Nothing you can do about it. He is just better than everyone else. See you in 2020 (not gonna win in 2019).

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@Electrifying :xhaka: :santi: CAZZO MERDA!


Congrats to Lewis in a well won world title

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#wegoagainin2019 :mustafi:

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Very gracious @Luca_from_Italy

But I cannot be