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Cannot see it!


Was frustrating to see Kimi couldn’t quite hang onto the win yesterday, he tried so hard over the weekend. Vettel makes too many mistakes are crucial moments. This is one aspect Lewis really has Vettel over on. Made that bold move on at the chicane and picking off Kimi in the manner he did it was pretty impressive. Title battle is still open but 30 points is starting to quite critical now. Seb needs a pretty flawless run for the rest of the season.

News today sees Vandoorne out of Mclaren after this year, to be replaced by upcoming Brit, Lando Norris.

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No chance. Seb is like Arsenal: driving well, fucking it up when it matters :mustafi:

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Instantly my favorite driver. So who’s gonna be his teammate?


Carlos Sainz.


Ahh McLaren gonna be Sainz and Lando next season, alright. Don’t get the fuss over Sainz tbh. I guess Mclaren is a step down from Renault tho, but I wonder why he keeps getting a seat.


I think it’s for the reasons you’ve said, he’s simply not good enough for a top team and McLaren need two drivers who are happy to be middle of the pack so they can develop that engine.

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God, Mclaren’s line up next season looks bleak as fuck. Are they ever going to get back to the top? They should have went all out for Riccardo.


It’s fine. They don’t need the pressure Alonso brings and now they can take their time to get back to the top.

Like Ferrari did as well, getting rid of Alonso and bringing in Vettel. There was less pressure as Vettel already had 4 titles and was young enough to be there for the long haul.

McLarens problem isn’t their drivers, but their car. When they have the car sorted then they can work out getting better drivers.

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However an experienced driver like Alonso can aid developing the car. He can identify what needs to be done and feedback to the team. That’s why he was paid so much IMO. Youre right though its the car, but they still need some drivers.


What. A. Move. :fire:


That is true to an extent, however the main problem I feel when you have a guy like Fernando a team often fully centres around him and most of the time, his team mate is pretty much an after thought. Was a common trend throughout Fernando’s career, the car was always developed towards his needs. I mean of course, throughout most of his career, it made sense for teams to develop towards Fernando, he’s a bloomin fast driver, but so many team mates were never given the same treatment in return.

Of course, everyone knows he’s an absolutely brilliant driver, but I think selfishly he thought more about his needs than the overall team.

Ferrari is a good example where, once Alonso left, the dynamic of Vettel and Raikkonen skills has eventually led to Ferrari producing two extremely quick cars these last two seasons after many years of just langishing short. This is where I think Raikkonen kept his seat for longer than people realise, he’s not only a team player, but he gives very good feedback and really knows how to get the car in a way that it should be.

As for Mclaren and Ricciardo, realistically they could’ve thrown him all the money and the moon in the world, and he wouldn’t have gone there. I think if Mclaren had actually performed decently this year like they very much thought or were hoping to pre season, he would’ve gone, but he knows they’re absolutely miles away more than ever from winning, and Renault with the same engines are a clear step ahead and only going to get stronger, so think it quite smart of him to go there. Mclaren unfortunately despite all their history just simply can’t be considered a top team anymore, and I think Alonso is the last major signing this team will have for some time to come. They’re a bit of a joke these days in all honesty. They nearly ruined Perez career. Nearly ruined Magnussen. Now Vandoorne has to find a new home. Management is somewhat clueless as well I feel. Until they asign themselves with a new engine partner, they’re gonna be firmly planted in midfield for the next few seasons.

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Its official…

Leclerc joins Ferrari next season.
Kimi going to Sauber!


I think that’s quite the coup for Sauber!

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Surprised Kimi chose to go Sauber but nice to see him continue!

Fucking YAS for LeClerc though. Give the crash-happy fraud some competition and a kick up the arse


So just a swap. Happy that Kimi can at least still race in Formula 1 for 2 more years.


Why are ppl so far up Kimi’s ass? He has the fastest car and hardly ever does anything of note.


Because he’s a mute so he seems cool lol.

But legit I like him, seems like a nice enough guy and Ferraris last champ.

2007 was great


Ferrari looking fast again. Another false dawn? :xhaka: @Electrifying

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Hope Vettel can do it this time amico mio

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