Formula One thread


You guys should get Scott Dixon. See what he can do in F1. Btw what happened how did Hamilton win this??


Vettel is a shit driver and Ferrari are morons


How much does Bottas earn to be just a waiter?


What an experience. A fantastic place that is so lively. Got to see all the GP2, GP3 and Porsche cup sessions and the cars were pretty awesome, the noise was unreal.

That leads me onto the F1, the noise of these in real life is much more disappointing than it is on the TV, its drab, boring and lacking in theatre and excitement like any previous incarnation of F1. That said, gonna do it all again next year! Will get pictures up when I get back.


@Electrifying, what about calling Ross Brawn back? Maurizio is just clueless.

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Hamilton proving once again he is the superior driver in a car that is slightly behind the Ferrari’s at the moment. Eat it Seb.


Toto: “It wasn’t a team order”.

What a clown! :rofl: @Electrifying

If we still had Schumi he would shut this clown up.

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I don’t know about you personally but if Seb doesn’t win the title this year, with this car then I want him sacked.

I can’t wait for LeClerc next year, I hope to god he is as good as the hype.

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Yeah, he deserves the sack. Fed up with defending him for nothing. This guy is just a massive bottler.

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Shame Hamilton’s a massive boring wanker. Can’t stand the man. If it was legal to hit a man he’d be up there with my first choice, he’s as appealing to the sport for me as Reading are to football.

Bring back Damon Hill.


Bloody hell, Damon wasn’t exactly Mr Exciting, but you’re right about Hamilton, he is a huge knob…


Oh yeah he was dull haha but at least he wasn’t a little scrote, a Proper man. In fact fuck it I’m not even old enough but give me a James Hunt type.

Hamilton is Walcott in a car.

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Even Walcott is likeable compared to Hamilton…

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Ferrari must be fuming throwing their home GP away to someone like Hamilton.

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I truly hope the Italians in the crowd and in the press are waking up to Vettel’s inconsistencies.

LeClerc in to keep him on his toes.

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I don’t think they are at least they didn’t seem to be yesterday. Everytime Hamilton come past they blood and Everytime Vettel cam past they cheered ferociously. They didn’t seem at all bothered about Kimi.


Vettel fucked up big time yesterday. I understand he was on the wrong side entering that corner and Hamilton had brilliantly taken up a position that would have resulted in him overtaking Seb, but Seb should have kept his wits about him and conceded the position instead of trying to fight it. After all, the Ferrari was the faster car and he would have had ample opportunities to get back the position. Such a disappointing race as a Ferrari fan.

Still don’t think it’s over but Seb needs to fight for it now, and fight smart, not just rush in. As for Hamilton, he has had some luck going his way with the rain in the last couple of races but this victory was well earned and deserved. Don’t like him too much but can’t deny he is a terrific racer.


@Luca_from_Italy and his boys on a madness :arteta:


Triggered :joy::joy::joy::joy: