Formula One thread


He started 2nd but made his way into the lead the start. He was in his debut season then, racing for Williams, who, unlike now, were one of the top teams back then. He was one of the rising stars in the championship having raced in CART in 99 (won title) and 2000 (won Indy 500). So he came to F1 with a high reputation, a fiesty racer who feared no one. They were often really quick that season but had a shit load of reliability issues that year. Also in 2001, had a tyre war, between Bridgestone and Michelin. It was quite common for Michelin runners to go through phases in races where they’d struggle for pace and he held Schuey off for a few laps, until that moment in the video where they both go off into the gravel.

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Shouldn’t rain today. Sorry Lewis, you get fucked for once :arteta:


I wouldn’t speak so soon, lots of clouds…


Well, fucking Toto and drama queen Lewis can wish what they want. It’s not gonna rain.


It’s raining now :arteta:


Fuck off you and Toto! Just fuck off! Asking for rain because they can’t keep it up with Ferrari. Pathetic.


If Vettel isn’t a fraud, he’d get pole with this beast of a Ferrari car. Just saying


Let’s see. The race is gonna be dry though.


Not much wet on the track atm.
Everyone out on the track!
Vettel smashing it atm.
Q1: Vettel, Raikkonen, Hamilton and Ricciardo.
Two great laps from Vettel and Hamilton.
Lol! Mercedes looks desperate if they are using Bottas without any help in the end.

Q2: Vettel, Hamilton, Raikkonen and Verstappen.
Pole for Raikkonen! Wow! Didn’t see it coming!


Grande Kimi!!!

Well done to Seb and Ferrari on a magnificent pole!

Not sure why they gave Kimi the tow both times but whatever.

Now please Kimi, actually have good race pace and not just hold Seb up.

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Is this you commentating


Heavy rain now…

Thought Italy is meant to be sunny @Luca_from_Italy :bellerin:


Toto made a rain dance, the fucker :bellerin:


Stopped now apparently lol, hope it dries out quickly.


Mercedes is trying everything to win the title.


Vettel fucked it up.
Nothing. He hasn’t the balls to win the title.
Well, he made up for it now.
Just hope Kimi can win it now. The title has gone.
Great race!
Vettel overtakes Ricciardo and LeClerc.
Vettel is 11th. 10th now.
He is coming back, but it is useless now.
Raikkonen can’t get away from Lewis. We are doomed.
Pit for Raikkonen.
Vettel is 5th.
Ricciardo’s power unit has gone.
Raikkonen ahead of Hamilton now.
Vettel had to pit now.
The waiter finally pits.
Comical Bottas :arteta:
Title over. Hamilton ahead.


Fuck off Seb, and fuck off Ferrari

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I don’t want to watch any race again :frowning:

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Lewis IN NOW



I do prefer to get Ocon or LeClerc.