Formula One thread

It’s often a very boring sport of procession behind the guys with the best car but this season is now heating up into a brilliant finale especially if the Mercedes keeps its superior speed in the run in.

Amazing weekend for Hamilton and to come from last on the grid to first over the 2 days was exceptional.

Loved watching Verstappen weaving and trying to drive Hamilton off the track and seeing Hamilton still come out on top.

Had me watching a race for the first time in a long time.

Probably not so good for traditionally very good Anglo Dutch relations!! Still love the Dutch in reality though (apart from Verstappen of course).


I’m sad I missed this race. Lewis Hamilton, you just can’t seem to best this guy.

2021 has been an all-time great season.

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Good. F^ck off Audi.

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Karen Horner at it again

Toto does it too. Hell, it makes this rivalry a lot more entertaining that’s for sure.

I am curious to know how that engine is 20kph faster though…

The mark of a great race car driver is when it seems like they are beaten and there’s no way back for them and u look in ur rear view mirror and they are still right there. That’s Lewis this season. This should have been an easy championship win for Max but Lewis refuses to go away lol, so annoying if ur not a fan of the driver :joy::joy:

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Oh Bottas :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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8 points difference now?

Nice to see Alonso still has it, by the way. Great driver, just some unfortunate decisions with teams, politics, etc.

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This title race is mad, it will go down to Abu Dhabi for sure.

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Alonso :heart_eyes:

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Whilst I would love Verstappen to win, can’t help but think Lewis is winning this. Especially seeing as Abu Dhabi and Saudi are Merc favoured tracks

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