Formula One thread

I agree but he is always whining about the team like he is god and they haven’t enabled all his success lol.

They are by far and away the most organised, efficient and ruthless team constantly helping him win with their creativity…I wouldn’t be moaning at them! Only thing anyone beats them at is Red Bull with pitstops.

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Completely agree but hopefully someone else steps up their build, because Leclerc and Norris are good enough to challenge Max if they get a competitive car.

Max would become just as boring as Lewis if he dominates for the next 5 years.

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I don’t think Lewis asked Bottas to not get FL either lol

He wouldn’t have to, Bottas knows his job is to bend over from day 1.

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Here’s how Daniel Ricardo handles getting squeezed at turn 2 in the sprint race (despite even being ahead going into turn 1).

Bottas sent on Verstappen blocking duty for today

Well that didn’t work for long lmao

Bottas tanked on purpose

Amazing race, yet this dumb cunt director is missing all of this.

McLarens killing it. 2 wins in a row? :pires2:

That’s a classic McLaren pitstop :arteta:

Lando is hilarious :arteta:

All the pitstops have fallen in Hamilton’s favour, every other team has had a shocker lol

Let’s just hope Lando hangs on for his first win, be so delighted for the guy.

What a race! @Starboy

Mercedes crying ruined everyone else’s pitstops.

Rain just makes the F1 so much better, great driving from Lando out there so far…


Wow big call from Norris, might pay off!

Oh man, bad call from Lando :frowning:


Verstappen coming for P2

Sucks for Lando but Mercedes was better and smarter. Hamilton kept saying he wanted to stay on slicks and his strategist said its gonna get worse come in. It was the right call, McLaren were too scared to make the same call unfortunately.


I’m so gutted for Norris, really don’t care about Max vs Lewis right now. That poor lad drove so well and was holding Lewis off without that rain.


Max with some great damage limitation

Lewis was gonna get him if the track stayed dry tho, he was in DRS range. Lando got incredibly lucky that it started raining I’ve got no clue why McLaren was dumb enough to let him stay out on those tires.

What race were you watching? Everytime Lewis dipped under 1 sec Lando found a way to pull away. I’m sure he would’ve stayed ahead if the rain didn’t come.

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Even Lewis just said he’s not confident he would’ve gotten past lol