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While the focus was often on him kicking people rather than the ball, we see that Granit Xhaka stands alone in terms of ball progression, with Daley Blind a long way behind him in second place. Xhaka’s long-range passing skills are well known, so combining this with the most passes per 90 in such situations propels him to the top of pile.





In a sanity check that all shooting models must pass, Jesus Navas is in the bottom 10.






Pass efficiency is a new one to me, can you explain what that means or how that is calculated? How it differs from pass accuracy?


It’s their attempt at a metric to quantify passing ability using public data, how it’s calculated they don’t go into much detail other than this:

Pass % but giving extra weight for long balls, key passes and through-balls; reducing the weighting for successful short passes.

It passes the most basic test of rating Kroos as the best passer.

Jean Seri



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What did they say about Marcos Llorente?


With this shit dongle I can’t listen right now but it’s got good people on it so I posted it already.


  • He’d improve Barca’s DEF transitions because of his athleticism vs Busquets.
  • The two most clued up on Llorente were of the opinion that he should start for Madrid because he’s a better footballer with more quality than Casemiro and more athletic.
  • TTTactics says the potential upside of the rest of Llorente’s game vs Casemiro is not worth it if he’s even 5% less of a defender than Casemiro.


Yeah, Llorente is someone I really hope we’re scouting in case he gets the Morata/Jesé treatment at Madrid, everything I see about him suggests that he is genuinely a fine player. Was the suggestion in the first bullet point that he would be a superior option to Busquets? :flushed:

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No, only that he’d improve their DEF transitions. The comment was that Busquets is great at anticipating the first pass but taken out of the game when the ball is played over or around him.

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New season predictions are out.