Football statistics/general analysis/philosophicable pontification thread


the weird obsession with CR7 continues.


A lot of the best keepers right now also were 23 or younger when they joined the big clubs; De Gea, Courtois, Oblak. Ederson Moreas the next in that line at 23.


Sky Sports :open_mouth:


Yeah seen it this afternoon they had a football stat analyst on talking about expected goals


xG has gone mainstream :astonished:

Just as well because thanks to that explanation I now understand xG better than I ever did before


Cant wait for “pundits” to misuse xG next year. I can imagine it being as simple as exp has the score 1.4-1.6 we can clearly see the away team were better and were unlucky to not win. No further elaboration needed. Job done we can all go home.


Can you imagine Merson trying to use xG to compare strikers. :beer:


Not surprised.


Yep, that sounds about right. The guy is not a human.


That is insane… what a player.




Interesting read! thanks for sharing.


Welbeck huh… neat.


Elneny clearly a StatDNA signing then :mustafi:


A couple more bits on Napoli because I can’t get enough of Sarri’s style.




Should we not count ourselves fortunate to have had 3 of those players, potentially 4 if Laca comes.


I certainly count us lucky for not wasting a mouth watering 35 million on an average Higuain.