Football statistics/general analysis/philosophicable pontification thread


Can Thiago, Kroos and Ozil player together now be a thing?



We play:

City (home)
West Ham United (home)
Crystal Palace (away)
Middlesbrough (away)
Sunderland (home)
Leicester (home)
Tottenham (away)
United (home)
Stoke (away)
Everton (home)
Southampton (home)

if we beat all the teams we supposed to beat, 70 seems manageble. But Leicester is planned in between City in the Cup and Tottenham. That game has draw written all over it. Middlesbrough are fighting relegation. It doesn’t seem that good.


If we get back in to form i can see us with 72 points. That’s even if we got nothing against United, scum and City. The rest of those sides are cannon fodder when we are playing up to our potential.



I recall when we used to play that tika taka possession style game we used to dominate in shots vs our opposition but we still didn’t get the results anyways. The fan base hated it. Now we play a more counter attacking style, those stats are down, we still don’t get results, and the fans still hate our style of play. I think we are just shit and there’s no explanation stats are going to give us.


We’re definitely shit, that part you got right, and the article actually pretty much implies that. We’re definitely not counter-attacking style whatsoever. The logic behind Wenger using Coquelin so much, and the way he’s used, can only be that he wants to win the ball back high up the pitch, but as he doesn’t know how to teach anything resembling a good press, it’s a failed attempt.

The only way I can really describe our current style is feces-throwing.


I think the closest player we’ve got to being on this list is Walcott. People underestimate how difficult it would be to find a better goalscoring wide forward than Walcott, Salah should definitely be a target if we’re looking for one though.



Nice. Too bad we probably won’t see this application against the remaining top six opponents.




Mbappe is pretty insane according to that chart…


fair play to Dzeko.


Timo Werner > Neymar and Ronaldo. Not that it was necessary to point that out. :laughing:


Loads of yellow dots. Premier League is the best :santi2:


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