Football statistics/general analysis/philosophicable pontification thread


Mourinho is just a Portuguese Shaun Dyche :wink:


#afc’s most goals & assists this season (all comps):

Alexis 15 (10G, 5A)
Walcott 11 (9G, 2A)
Özil 10 (7G, 3A)
Oxlade-Chamberlain 9 (5G, 4A)


RB Leipzig stormed to the top of the Bundesliga with a playing style that’s all their own

A very good piece on Leipzig.

This one on Leicester and their passing is also very good.


Even the ref out ran him if I remember correctly.


I could have outrun him !


Do us another one that doesn’t include the EFL trophy :stuck_out_tongue:



I think this one shows (timothy) c leary why we have midfield problems right now





1.Petros (Real Betis), 27
2. Ivaylo Chochev (Palermo), 23
3. Remo Freuler (Atalanta), 24
4. Roque Mesa (Las Palmas), 27 "

Looks like my suggestion on MDC wasn’t that bad after all :stuck_out_tongue:

Great read btw. Big fan of his articles.

They discussed Arsenal on the recent Satsbomb podcast. Discussion starts around 15:30 minutes in.


Well we have the best conversion rate at least (according to this place):

1 Arsenal FC 107 shots, 48 goals, 22.1%
2 Liverpool FC 134 shots, 49 goals, 20,8 %
3 Chelsea FC 114 shots, 45 goals, 19,8 %

Shots are shots on goal, for most teams they’re about half of the shots. Not bad going from the season before when we were 6th with 16.0%, and the season before that when we were 5th with 17.9%.




The music choice for the Weigl and Kostic clips is glorious. :joy:


Hollands counter press from back in the day (@ 1.08) would suit Alexis down to the ground :smirk:





Interesting the comments on Abraham, I thought he was pegged as more likely to be a mid-table/championship striker.


@Oliver :wenger:

Good article honestly. @Maxi_Gooner wonder what you think of the comments on your man Zeman :wink:


Ted points out on here that Walcott is beginning to decline and now might be a good chance to move him on.