Football statistics/general analysis/philosophicable pontification thread


Exhausted from the week, just want to sit on my ass and watch football tonight. Which game would you watch, Nice-Lyon or Dortmund-Hertha?





Should just call this the @AbouCuellar thread.



Some good discussion on Arsenal around 13:00 in.



I like football , and I do not need endless stupid factoids telling me how it is .
Stats are not much use to me or to Arsenal for that matter , remember how we were told that Denilson had the highest pass completion rate in the premiership ???


Then why make this post?


Because 89 percent of me felt I had to !


Stats are pretty useful tbh. Read this regarding the statistic company Arsenal purchased a couple of years ago:

“The company is an expert in the field of sports data performance analysis, which is a rapidly developing area and one that I, and others, believe will be critical to Arsenal’s competitive position,” Gazidis said. “The insights produced by the company are widely used across our football operations – in scouting and talent identification, in game preparation, in post-match analysis and in gaining tactical insights.”

As ever, stats require context, a pass has many more variables to consider than ‘who kicked the ball’, so that stat in isolation was always going to crumble at some point. Much like Ramsey having the highest tackle % of any midfielder in Europe’s top 5 leagues at one point, those were blissful times, but still under scrutiny it didn’t mean much because a load of other stats had to be considered with it to understand it.


And thats how we end up with a Denilson !


The only stat I know about Denilson, was that he was the most boring player in consecutive games for us.

The only trophy he won was the “How did he play 150 games for us” trophy.


the sight of him skipping back whilst mufc ripped us a new arsenal in the champions league still haunts me


Denilson did have a high passing completion rate though. That wasn’t some lie. It’s just one isolated stat with little meaning or context attached to it. Are you implying that statistic is the reason why Wenger gave Denilson the platform and opportunity that he did? I’m not sure why you would blame simple statistics for that bizarre decision by one man.


Denilson was a promising young football player who’s career didn’t go go to plan. He definitely shouldn’t have accumulated as many games for us as he did but the promise was there.


Hassassin .
Our manager the great Arsene Wenger who as we all know built Arsenal football Club with his bare hands using only his sweat and toil since it’s founding in 1996 ,used to praise and defend Denilson and regularly pointed out his pass completion rate which was the best in the league at the time .

This didnt stop the rest of us thinking him being a lazy good for nothing piece O’shite but I used this as an example that facts mean fuck all when the chips are down !


I remember Denilson in his last few games for us, and I have never seen a player get rid of the ball so quickly, so often.
It was as if he didn’t want to be playing, and certainly not want any responsibility, with the ball.
Yet Wenger still kept persevering with him.

Denison then had the cheek to say he wanted to leave us to join a club that met with his ambitions.

Perhaps he should have joined Aston Villa.


Since the Premier League started, Arsenal have spent 3,286 days in fourth place. The equivalent of NINE years.