Football statistics/general analysis/philosophicable pontification thread


Yeah it almost seemed like it was a few audio clips put together, especially when Judah Davies spoke for over 10 minutes straight on United without any input from the other two on the pod.

For a 40 minute pod, 10 or so minutes of just one voice isn’t good.


You really think football these days sport players like Vieira, Keane, Fabregas (of early days)??

I am not assuming, It’s evident in every team.
Busquets, Coquelin, Schneiderlin, Kante etc.



Yes. No point in even asking for examples, because you see them everywhere.

Again, no idea what you’re on about. You’ve always had these players. Much like how any kind of formation, whether it’s one with a 2-man midfield or 3, does have a distribution of roles.

Anyway, the death of this and that etc etc. is boring to read about and the “observations” are pretty much always wrong. It’s usually the kind of stuff that’s written by bad writers, like Jonathan Wilson.


The players of both kinds (Box-Box & DM) are/were there but there is difference in existence and importance.

Much like Box-Box midfielders who did both attacking & defensive duties, were more important than specialist back then.
However now specialist midfielders are more important.

Anyway, it doesn’t seem like you have any interest in this discussion but rather than ignoring, you wish to have the last word whilst throwing indirect insults; let’s just end this here.

You are free to have the last word.


Expected Goals is just another meaningless football stat that the nerds who now pretend to like football wank over. They really should get out more and do something more usefull like trainspotting.




A lot of good stuff in here.



What they do not do well is transfers to begin with.

Their transfers bar Torres since I began watching football, have been so fucking mediocre.
Fans accuse Arsenal for having no ambition, while where do we place Liverpool in that regards.

PS - I know that’s not the point of your post.



I don’t have a particularly keen tactical mind but I found this interesting:




Townsend’s xG/90 and xG/shot :joy:


Look at his shot map, all those shots and the one that went in was the most ridiculous :joy::joy:


That one goal was the day the English Bale was born.


nahh, the English Bale was born on 15 August, 1993