Football statistics/general analysis/philosophicable pontification thread


Yeah Torreira’s a defensive mid but not in the traditional sense, he’s kinda like a cross between a destroyer and a deep lying midfielder.

The only downside to his game is that he’s only 5’6 so he’s not gonna win that many headers but tackling wise he can go toe to toe with the best of them. He’s literally bodied both Ninja (Nainggolan) & Kessie this season and they’re both tanks.
And on top of his ability to break break the lines with his passing, his tackling & his technique he’s also added goals to his game this season too.

You might be able to tell but I love this little guy, he’s my favorite Cm in Europe this season (outside the top teams) just ahead of Ndombele & Mlinkovic-Savic.


Just to try and keep this thread on topic


How do you watch so much football? I hadn’t even heard of Mlinkovic-Savic until now haha.


Haha Twitter’s key, I don’t Tweet but my timelines basically full of football (and abit of boxing) so that keeps me up to date nicely.

Youtube helps alot aswell with following certain players, so say if I miss a game I can easily catch their individual highlights online when I’ve got abit of time to kill on my break or whenever.

I’d say what really helps me the most is being able to kill two birds with one stone by having a pc in the same room as my treadmill, bench press & that so I can stream games while working out.


This is why I want someone like Thomas Tuchel so we can fight fire with fire.


Lloris playing as a DM scenes


Richarlison has 5 from 8.95.


@Burgundy my bad 3rd.


David De Gea what a god


Proof that stats are often misleading :wink:


Expected Ozil to be on here :confused:


Pretty damning assessment of passers behind him. He is great at finding pockets and getting open.


There aren’t any attacking midfielders/number 10s in that list tho. Except Dele Alli. Actually only wing players outside of Alli and Firmino.


Huh?? I’m confused i clicked the link to that tweet and I see Ozil there at the 5th spot, but Alli and Firminho no where to be found…??


Think they were talking about the 2nd graph?


Caley also said Iwobi would be immediately below Ramsey on the first one.


It makes sense we have a ton of guys on that list because our xG is 2nd only to City we’ve just been massively unlucky to not score a lot. We are terrible defensively, but we should have scored a lot more.


According to who?


No Torreira.


I’m just taking a stab in the dark but maybe that has something to do with Sampdoria being very methodical when building attacks from defense.

Also it might just be me but I think being the deepest lying midfielder in a 4-3-1-2 could play a part in Torreira not being there to, I say that because Rodri’s not there either & Villarreal play that same system.

And they both perform pretty well on Played Off The Parks deeper passing Z-Score

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