Football statistics/general analysis/philosophicable pontification thread


The Debate show on Sky (including Paul Merson) are about to discuss stats and expected goals :grin: This should be fun.

Paul Merson didn’t disappoint :joy:


He’s not wrong!! :grinning:


They become low goals stats?


No, he’s saying buy a great striker who scores lots of goals and you don’t need to worry about expected goals. He’s a genius!!


Last nights game





This is good!


xG is like saying my bro thinks he should’ve scored there.


No, it’s really not.


Sterling is getting some top class coaching and management. Wouldn’t be half the danger here.




Great analysis from @MoRosement on Valverde’s Barca, if anyone’s interested. The video’s 22 minutes long but it’s well worth the watch.


How the fuck are we not in for Seri yet?? Still has that £35m release clause from what I hear.


Seri has impressive stats for sure but he’s being compared to current season Kroos where Madrid are 19 points off Barca. Would be interesting to see how he compares to last season Kroos


I compared their stats from the previous year just now, they look almost identical tbh.


It’s probably something to do with his defensive stats, Seri’s averaging what 0.9 tackles & 0.6 interceptions per game (Whoscored) that’s weak.

We need a Cm who’s gonna be willing to sacrifice himself for the team but have also got the ability to link up nicely with those around him, some one like Lucas Torreira for example, who’s averaging 2.9 tackles and 2.1 interceptions PG and he can play.

Or even Fabinho he’s not a good as Torreira going forward or as press resistant but atleast he’d bring that defensive nous that we’re lacking in the middle at the moment.


Seri plays more like a b2b mf anyways, he deputizes as a dm occasionally but yeah it’s not his favored position. Fabinho yes, Toerreria yes (tbh don’t know much about him but I’m assuming he’s a dm?) I’ll take them both as Xhaka replacements. Seri to me is more of a Santi replacement. My sole interest is raising the level of the technical ability in our team.


At no point in this season from match week 1 to now have we been great lol