Football statistics/general analysis/philosophicable pontification thread


Not surprised by Arsenal stats. Our setpiece fragility is a myth.


I don’t know about myth, but it certainly felt very real not too long ago.

Perhaps a good example of Wenger adapting his methods to resolve a tactical deficiency through player acquisition and coaching?



It’s our own set plays we’re most vulnerable from.



He’s so old school haha. He’s (naturally) stuck in his ways but I don’t find him too bad on sky sports actually.


He’s pretty darn right on the points he makes here.


The point about Pascal Gross creating the most chances but only having four assists is a bit silly though, its pretty clear how the fuck that is possible. Either the chances weren’t clear cut, or he didn’t have good finishers around him, or a combination of the two.


I don’t like stats in football.
Football is like an art. You can’t or shouldn’t have any sort of metric to judge that art.

When I look at Cazorla, I feel sad that some guy in future will be looking for ‘best players to watch play’ and he will just shortlist all the players with good stats and skip away from Cazorla to watch the statistically attractive players.

Ozil’s grace can’t be measured, Sanchez’s drive can’t be measured.


Cazorla was statistically great and very unique as a CM.


I agree.
They can prove certain things but I can remember a season where Denilson had amazing completed passes statistics for a season and then this season we read that Sanchez has a poor record of losing the ball in possession.

But anyone who remembers Denilson will know he used to pass the ball short distances to players almost standing next to him, and was one of the worst midfielders we have had, considering he started nearly every game.
Yet Sanchez is arguably the best player we have had since we have been at the Emirates.

It’s a bit like comparing Defoe for Sunderland and Giroud for us last season.
Both scored quite a few goals, but one was playing for the worst team in the PL, and the other was playing in front of one of the best midfields in Europe.

Players like Cazorla and Ozil are just as important as players like Sanchez and Giroud but statistics might prove otherwise.



I suppose he was. I concentrated too much on phase when he couldn’t score anything.


Coquelin and Xhaka were regular features, you must be joking saying we’ve got one of the best midfield in Europe. It’s as dysfunctional as my parents relationship was.



Tottenham’s Harry Winks’ calmness and ability to receive the ball are rare traits in a midfielder

English midfielder maybe.


@Persona Thought you might be interested in this.


Cheers Burg.

So they’re a defensive, possession-based counter attacking side, that 2nd goal against Gala was brilliant! From an Englishman who played conference football!

Interesting to read that the writer believes he could manage in a side in a top 5 league. What little I know about the man and his side - a bit more now thanks to the article - I find extremely interesting. Hopefully this paves the way for more Englishmen, both players and managers, to pursue opportunities abroad.



He might have had a shit game but his expected pass completion rate was great.