Football Manager thread


4 of those 9 goals I’ve conceded came in one game against Milan. My defence are excellent. Second season now…


I’d highly recommend Pulisic if you’ve got £45m to £50m to spend on an absolute baller. Joint top scorer and bringing in the assists too


32 games in to the league campaign, still unbeaten, 14 points clear of the two Manchester clubs in 2nd and 3rd.

This jumped up little cunt Pulisic comes out and demands the freedom to move to a bigger club.


How the bloody hell did you buy Van Dijk, Goretzka, Fekir, Mahrez AND Dolberg?

was that first summer window?


Yeah. Only get 25M as a starting transfer budget so sold Özil Alexis Walcott Coquelin Wilshere Debuchy Akpom and Cazorla to fund it all.


who paid money for injured Cazorla?

Your not allowed to add a manager at another club and just buy all the players you don’t want for crazy fees you know


I didn’t @JakeyBoy, I jumped back on my Sampdoria save but next time I’m Arsenal that’ll be the first thing I’ll do.

Looking good @SRCJJ, how’d you get on in your first season and did you manage to hold on to Torreira ?

I’m into my second season with Samp aswell, sold Arthur to Chelsea for 58mil & let Torreira go :disappointed: for 52mil to Atleti so I’ve been able to upgrade my team nicely.

Here’s hoping I can get European football this season instead of another lowly 10th placed finish lol.


He isn’t injured when you start the game.

Also, I’m just gonna leave this here…

Arsene Wenger ain’t got shit on me


He is on the pc version, I need to figure out how to screen shot on my computer so I can post what I’ve done


Calum isn’t playing the PC version, hes playing the mobile version, as I am too.

There’s a button called “print screen” on most keyboards, one of the most basic and elementary things about using a computer lol


If you’re playing FM on a PC it’s F12 to screen capture via steam. Prtscn won’t work that way


There’s a steam app called ShareX, you can use it to screenshot or even record video and it’ll upload automatically to imgur.

Wow, steam links embed on here :hushed:


Haha fair play, I thought kaner was simply saying that he doesnt know how to do a print screen on a PC lol


You’re welcome :smiley:


This was my team but I could not motivate the fuckers and I ended up getting the boot. Won the EL in my first season and got top 4 second season but 8 games into the third and with only one win I was out the door. :frowning:


Bentaleb and Ramsey in CM

Yeah I’d sack you too tbh


@kaner you could just take a pic with ur phone and upload it to the site that way.


You can’t even do that in the mobile version lol


Fekir is an absolute dream btw. Scores nearly every free kick he takes. I just automatically think it’s a goal when he steps up to take them now! #Baller


Are there re-gens in the mobile game as well?