Football Manager thread


What an impressive way of saying it’s basically still the same fucking game it’s been for the last 3-4 years. Such a scam.


Lol i’ve never played it. It will be new to me. I’m hating FIFA for the same reason.


If any one preorder the game it’s now available to play


International Legend :grinning:
3-4-1-2 :slight_smile:
USA :poop:


How the fuck is “free-kick specialist” a manager backstory?

I also don’t want to start my managerial career in Poland.

Fuck this.


The backstory of your manager when he was a player.


Super sub
South Korea



That sounds more like a player backstory. Though it isn’t even a back story, it’s a trait or attribute.

They sould have put a bit more thought into this, and I’m clearly giving it too much.


So basically your Gilfy Sigurdson with a shitty job :grin:


I’m a leader on the pitch!!! with a penchant for the 3-5-2 formation. Which probably explains why I’m unemployed. :tired_face:


First save on FM18


Flair player


fucking :bellerin:


They not doing the beta?


Nope, only just noticed it in the description on there.

It’s alright, there’s plenty of other shit I can do for two weeks :stuck_out_tongue:


International legend

I love this game :smiley:


Dirty player



Yep that’s very random :smiley:



Massively unnecessary cosmetic addition that adds no real value to the game.

Should have put some Stonewall advertising board in the match simulations tbh


Soon after, your commercial director will inform you of a boost in the club’s revenue, in part due to new attention from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.